Episode 10: Audiobook Production Tip – Children’s Books Listen to this episode now! Take a behind the scenes look at kids books with host Becky Parker Geist. What are the qualities of a kids book that make a good candidate for audio? What about the illustrations? Learn about how your children's book can be enhanced in audio, just as illustrations enhance a story visually. Hear samples from [...]

Episode 9: Interview with Jennifer Grais, co-author of Christa’s Luck (YA) Go behind the scenes with author Jennifer Grais. Christa's Luck, by Jennifer and Michael Grais, tells a story of the wild mustangs of Nevada and the teenage girl who leads the rescue mission to save them. Host Becky Parker Geist, who also narrated the audiobook invites Jennifer to share what surprises came up in the audiobook production process. What [...]

Episode 8: Audiobook Production Tip – How to Manage ISBNs Listen to this episode now! Here's what you need to know when it comes to ISBNs for your audiobook and how to best leverage your audiobook metadata. The world runs on metadata. Learn the key things you need to know as an indie author so you can make good decisions about your ISBNs, whether your book is in print, [...]

Episode 7: Audiobook Production Tip – Should I Include My About the Author? Listen to this episode now! Discover how to increase the impact of your audiobook with tips on how to leverage an About the Author track - even if you don't have an About the Author in your print or ebook editions. Becky Parker Geist walks you through ways to keep your audiobook up to date while also creating an [...]

Keeping Calm with Audiobooks

Great Counsel from Great Authors and Leaders Here at Pro Audio Voices Inc we have the opportunity to collaborate with many great authors and leaders. Together we craft listening experiences in audiobooks and podcasts that will impact the world one listener at a time. We're honored to be partnering in this way to make our wonderful - and very stressed out - world be [...]

Episode 6: Interview with Michelle Masters author of Money Magic

Podcast launches on 3/26/20. Subscribe to Audiobook Connection - Behind the Scenes with the Creative Teams to get notified via your favorite podcast platform. Listen to this episode now! Join us for this engaging interview with author and transformation specialist Michelle Masters. Hear about: Michelle's experience with recording her own audiobook at the Pro Audio Voices studio Reasons behind the [...]

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