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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

Episode 30: Audiobook Production Tip – 10+ GREAT Reasons To Audio Format Your Book Or Screenplay

On the fence about whether or not you should turn your book or screenplay into an audiobook? Unsure if it’ll *really* be worth it? Let’s look at the benefits! Audio format is the fastest growing segment of the publishing industry, and it’s an amazing way to ignite your reach. Today we’ll dive into both the big reasons and the smaller (yet [...]

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Episode 29: Interview – Wisdom From An Indie Publishing Adventure With Gordon & Jarryd Chambers

Writing, publishing, audiobook’s all a journey of discovery when it’s your first time! The best tips and tricks come from those fresh off the adventure, which is why we’ve invited Gordon Chambers, author of Searching For Monkumar.  He’ll share the wild path of bad publishing company experiences, the process of finding out if his draft was shelf worthy, and [...]

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Episode 28: Audiobook Production Tip – Get Your Title On Audible FASTER: Wait WEEKS, Not Months!

If you’ve ever weathered the process of getting your title on Audible, you already know that it takes a small eternity. If you haven’t, you’ve come to the right place! Today I’ll be giving out insider tips on how to shorten those painful wait times that have become the norm. Learn how audiobook quality affects your experience, and which royalty [...]

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Episode 27: Audiobook Production Tip – Maximize Your Audiobook Profits With A Presale Strategy

What author wouldn’t love more sales over the lifetime of their book release? That’s exactly what a solid audiobook presale strategy has the power to generate for you! In today’s episode, I’ll share the pros, cons, and considerations of selling your audiobook before its official release date. Learn how to choose the best author platforms for presale, strategies for incentivizing [...]

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Episode 26: Audiobook Production Tip – Choose Your Audiobook Launch Strategy

So you’ve finished your book, and now the most exciting (and nerve wracking) part of the journey begins...the launch! With an endless sea of marketing options at your fingertips, how are you supposed to start narrowing it down? In today’s episode, I’ll cover 2 overarching strategies to help you kickstart the decision making process -- the staggered launch and the [...]

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Episode 25: Interview – Give Your Writing Career Wings! with Glenis Redmond

What adventures do you hope your writing career will whisk you away on? Open up to the possibilities with today’s inspiring guest Glenis Redmond; poet, teaching artist, and author of What My Hands Say. She’ll share how she went from a professional counselor struggling with a single mom clocking 40k miles on her vehicle every year, spreading the power [...]

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Episode 24: Audiobook Production Tip – Poetry In Audio: Creative Production Considerations

Is an audiobook edition an appropriate or worthwhile venture as a writer of poetry? At first glance it might seem like the translation from page to spoken word is a difficult one, but today I’ll share practical tips for bringing your poetry to life in this sharable medium. We’ll dive into considerations like finding the right narrator, deciding how read [...]

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Episode 23: Audiobook Production Tip – Target Audience Matters In Production Choices!

Do you have a crystal clear picture of who your target audience is? If not, today you’re in luck! Understanding your audiobook’s prime listeners affects so much more than shapes all aspects of your production, too! Today I’ll be tips on bringing your target into laser-focus so that you can reach them with ease. I’ll also describe each facet [...]

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Episode 22: Interview – Producing Historical Fiction with Jim Wetton + Samantha Cooper

Where does history end and an exciting new story begin? Today we’ll take a multifaceted look into writing and producing historical fiction with author Jim Wetton and the narrator of his audiobook, Samantha Cooper. In this 3-way interview, we chat about his experience bringing new life to historical figures and writing female characters from a male perspective. Samantha shares the [...]

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Episode 21: Audiobook Production Tip – Who Should Narrate Your Memoir?’ve written a memoir and you’re ready to bring it to life in audio. Now you face that big burning question, “who should narrate it?” You might think the easy answer is YOU, but this is just one valid approach of many! Today I’ll share my best tips for deciding if self-narration is right for you. I’ll give you my [...]

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