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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

Ep 151: More Reasons Why Audiobooks for Kids Make Sense

Whether you’re a children’s author or an adult with kids in your life, this episode will expand your horizons in how you think about audiobooks. There are many benefits and values for kids. Whether your children’s story is published or even illustrated need not be a factor in whether you take advantage of the audiobook opportunities. This episode may also help you as you [...]

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Ep 150: Children’s Book Collections- Win with Collaboration

Children’s books are on the rise in the audiobook world and in this episode Becky provides some ways to take advantage of what might otherwise be considered challenges. When published independently, kids books typically involve a significant budget for illustrations. The fact that the text is short translates to a shorter finished length in audio, which can be seen as both an advantage and [...]

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Ep 147: AMPlify – the Etsy of Audiobooks – Pricing Strategies

Host Becky Parker Geist walks us through pricing strategies for your audiobook, what research to do and where to do it. Then, capitalizing on the high royalties and the pricing options and controls that come with the AMPlify audiobook direct sale platform offered by Pro Audio Voices, how to set yourself up for success. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 146: Interview with David AJ Richards and James Gilligan (Holding Up a Mirror to Nature)

A fascinating conversation about this revealing nonfiction audiobook that teaches us powerful lessons we can derive from the masterful William Shakespeare. This is truly a case of fiction informing reality, in which the playwright’s deep understanding of humanity surpasses current psychology. The work of authors Richards and Gilligan has led to prison programs that successfully reform and change the lives of violent perpetrators so [...]

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Ep 145: Interview with Joe Belcastro (Dominature: What if the Devil Banished God from Heaven)

At a career pinnacle, working in his dream job, author Joe Belcastro had a devilishly persistent yearning to let the story that had rooted within him to rise to its glory. A prolific writer, but launching his debut novel, Joe shares more about his journey and book: Dominature: What if the Devil Banished God from Heaven. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 144: Earn More from Your Audiobook- Meet AMPlify

Wondering how to earn higher royalties and gain more control over your audiobook? Becky shares more about why every author with an audiobook should want to get on board and what difference it makes for you. After all, indie authors put in the time and money and resources to create the book and audiobook. They should be the ones earning back the majority of [...]

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Ep 142: Interview with Angela Page and Mia Altieri (There’s a Dead Girl in My Yard)

Angela and Mia co-authored and also co-narrated this funny, at times poignant, and thought provoking tale. Join in the fun of this interview to hear the behind the scenes story of its inception, its journey through writing and recording, and where its headed in distribution. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes

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