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We Are Creators: Unlock and Maximize YOUR Potential


  • By Darryl Bell
  • Narrated by Jason Lasky
  • Audiobook • 01 hrs 41 min

We Are Creators reveals the truth about who are, why we were created and how to unlock the unlimited abilities that we possess. It explains the power of our self-image and how our self-image will determine what we achieve or even attempt to achieve in life. It goes on to explain how we can change our self-image. There are so many hurting people in this world and many have accepted depression, sickness, fear, loneliness, abuse and poverty as a way of life. They don’t understand that God never intended for us to be a victim of our circumstances. This is the reason He created us in His image and has given us creative abilities to create the life that we desire. We are God’s highest form of creation and there is a
reason why we possess what the rest of nature does not possess, and that’s an imagination. The amazing truth is that through imagination we can truly experience what we desire and as we maintain that experience in imagination, it will become a reality. It’s a Law!
We Are Creators also explains how that we are destined and designed for Greatness! Because our magnificent mind can be programmed and placed on autopilot for either success or failure.



Author: Darryl Bell

Length: 01 hrs 41 min

Genre: Self-help

Release Date:

ISBN: 9781989756010

Explicit Content:

About the Author

Darryl Bell is an extremely humble philanthropist. He has a great ability to stimulate, motivate and encourage people to tap into and actively pursue their desires. He is also the Founder and CEO of Hope and Exchange, a foundation that provides immediate assistance to those needing food, shelter and clothing while teaching them to create their desired future by applying the principles outlined in this book.

Hope and Exchange has a goal and a desire to save millions of children from the sex trafficking industry and to provide homes for millions of families who live in impoverished countries and communities. It is Darryl’s wish to give hope to those in seemingly hopeless situations.

Darryl has a desire to help every man, woman, boy and girl maximize their God- given potential. Therefore, this book was written from a passion to inspire and encourage all who have a desire to answer the call to greatness and fulfill their destined purpose in life.


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