Reach More Listeners

“Having our podcast ‘More Business More Life’ produced by Pro Audio Voices has been such a joy. Their service has allowed me to focus on the content and leave the technology, production and editing to the pros. On top of that, they’ve helped me syndicate the show, allowing us to reach more listeners.”

– Steve Napolitan, More Business More Life podcast

Increase Your Impact

Podcast Your Audiobook

Deliver your existing audiobook as a serial podcast series. This increases your impact by expanding your reach to the millions of podcast listeners. If your goal is impact and reach, this is a GREAT option. And many listeners will buy the audiobook as well—especially if there is additional content in the audiobook that is not in the podcast.

Be the Host of Your Own Podcast!

As a leader, you have an important message to share and information the world needs. If you have lots to share about your topic that will be of value to your listeners, this may be a good option for you. If you also have an audiobook, you can include relevant clips within the podcast that get listeners excited to hear more.

Interview Guests

Play host and interview people who can add to your topic. This option is great for building your audience by getting the word out through the followers of your guests. A great option if you have a strong personal network of people who are likely to have interesting or controversial commentary on your content. You can also use clips from your audiobook as the basis for discussion.

Stay Top of Mind:

Each episode of your podcast provides an opportunity to keep you and your author platform top of mind and current for your audience.

Podcast Options

Getting Your Podcast Started 

Podcasts & Audiobooks

3 ways to market your audiobook through podcasting

Podcast Your Content: Break up your audiobook recorded content into podcast episodes and deliver through podcast platforms. This expands your reach to the millions of podcast listeners. Though you are essentially giving part or all of your audiobook away for free, this is a marketing investment. Many listeners will go ahead and get the audiobook if they love your content – especially if there is additional content in the audiobook that you have not included in the podcast.

For this type of podcast, you’ll need an intro and outro and you may also want episode intros as well. We can help you with all the pieces you need and the assembly of the episodes. A podcast of this type would be a serial podcast, rather than an episodic podcast. This indicates that the order matters and typically there are a fixed number of episodes rather than ongoing show.

Podcast Your Content with Commentary: Include segments of your audiobook that you also elaborate on as the host of the show. If you feel like you have lots to say about your content that would help listeners go deeper into the content, this may be a good model for you.

Podcast Your Content with Guests: Use clips from your audiobook as the basis for discussion with guests that is specifically related to  your content. This option is great for building your audience by getting the word out through the followers of your guests. If you have a strong personal network of people who are likely to have interesting or controversial commentary on your content, this could be a great option for you.

Styles of podcasts

Solo Podcasts

If you’re not planning on interviewing guests and you’re planning to be the only show host, then you’ll be doing a solo podcast. This style is the simplest to produce and bypasses the need for scheduling with others.

Conversation Podcasts

These are podcasts for which you and others will be co-hosts. Typically the style is like a conversation around whatever topic or theme the show is about. This style is done without guests being interviewed. For scheduling, you just need to coordinate with your co-host.


These are very popular and great for building audiences, especially if you can bring on guests that have an existing following. For these podcasts you may also have one or more hosts, but for each episode you would need to schedule a different guest. At first these can feel challenging to keep up with if you’re on a weekly schedule. Plan to get several episodes “in the can” before you launch and to take time on a consistent basis to schedule interviews as you move forward.

Setting You Up for Success

“Before jumping fully into the world of podcasting, getting it set up looked pretty simple. But the deeper we got into the production and submissions processes with our clients, the clearer it became that our experience with audiobook production and submissions just made it look easy to us. For those new to this world, it can feel overwhelming!”

Setting up and rolling out a consistent podcast involves a lot of details. It helps to have a guide!

Recognizing this, we include in our Set up all the help you’ll need to get rolling with confidence:

  • guiding and assisting with gathering the metadata as well as the audio and image files you’ll need
  • a recording session with our Producer on the call to record podcast trailer, intro, outro/s (up to 3), and other transitional clips
  • up to two additional episodes with our Producer on the line to provide technical support and manage all recording, as well as training you how to handle it going forward (optionally, you can have us on the line for every episode to handle recording)
  • mixing music into the intro and outro/s; we can also help source or provide original music by one of our composers
  • casting a professional narrator if you would rather not be the host
  • post-production audio editing to clean up the audio and make it sound its best
  • submission of the podcast to top channels if we’re proving hosting through our Megaphone account; or assistance with this process if you will be handling the process with a different podcast host such as Libsyn or Blubrry.

Ongoing Support

Once you’re up and running, we’re here to keep you on track.

  • Our Podcast Manager alerts you if you need more episodes soon to stay on track with your planned calendar
  • Post-production audio editing to clean up the audio in each episode and make it sound its best, as well as assembling it with intro, outro, and musical pause or ad (as applicable)
  • A shared podcast calendar to manage the release of each episode

Optional Add-Ons

  • Episode image creation from a template you provide
  • Episode titles and description write up for each episode
  • Hosting on Megaphone

Microphone Options

If you are interviewing guests and would like them to sound their best, it will help if they each have a microphone. We can provide rental microphones that we mail out with return shipping labels and postage, as well as clear and simple instructions for use.

Rentals: If you’d like your interview guests to sound better than a computer microphone will typically allow, we can ship out an easy-to-use USB plug and play microphone directly to your guests. We include simple 1-2-3 instructions as well as return postage and labeling.

Purchase: If either the VIP status of your guests warrant it, or the postage cost (e.g., if shipping overseas) is prohibitive for rental, we can have a gift mic shipped directly to each of your guests – or designated guests. We’ll send instructions for set up and be available to them for questions prior to the interview.

Customized Solutions

We’ve built our business on a customized approach to working with each client. The strength of our integrated systems behind the scenes and our wonderful team make this possible. What that means for you is that whatever support you need is available to you, and that you’re not paying for services you really don’t need.

Ready to discuss your podcast plans?