Kind Words

Thanks to all our wonderful clients over the years who have partnered with us to bring their stories to life in audio!

I love the stories that ProAudio Voices created, and have enjoyed connecting with Becky, Jerrilee and the whole crew over these last few months. They really took the time to understand my goals and develop the product in collaboration. I love that I was able to review each step of the process and get weekly updates during production.

The final product is a beautiful soundscape of sounds. Engineers were careful to fix any glitches or background noises, and I’m pleased with the final product. The team also responded to my feedback and requests for changes.

Here’s a review excerpt from Outstanding Creator Awards: “…This is probably THE BEST children’s audiobook we’ve listened to. It is SO well-produced! … The audiobook is incredibly well thought out and structured … All of that works together to immerse you.”

ProAudio Voices is currently working on the next Once Upon a Dance project, which is the highest recommendation I can offer.

Terrel at Once Upon a DanceTerrel, at Once Upon a Dance

“We searched for the right company to produce a “theater of the mind” audiobook. ProAudio delivered–and how. The final product is fantastic. We also appreciated how the entire team kept us informed with weekly updates.”

Joe Giorello, author of Great Battles for Boys seriesJoe Giorello, author of Great Battles for Boys series: The Korean War

“Pro Audio Voices was incredible. They were highly professional as a business and supportive on all levels, from auditions to project management, to editing, to final production. More importantly, as people of compassion who supported me through this process as a first-time author at a time that I was under extreme pressure, and a menopausal meltdown. Yes, you may laugh, but it is true. I cannot recommend Pro Audio Voices highly enough. Good luck with your audiobook journey and have fun. I learned so much and have a newfound respect for the skill set of actors who do this work.”

Jacqui Burnett, author of Life Isn't Yoga, Or Is It?
“Pro Audio Voices has blown me away. Between the narrator’s characterizations, the post-production effects, I found it engrossing and entertaining—so much so that I ended up canceling work this morning so I could hear how my own story ended! The team, including the narrator, are going above and beyond to make my audio production a top quality experience, for both myself and my readers.”
Jim Christopher, author of Season of Waiting; and Sick as Our Secrets

“The team at Pro Audio voices are professional all the way around. I have worked with them on several projects now and it’s always a pleasure. Expectations are set up front, communication is concise and easy to follow and they are very good at replying to any questions or needs of their narrators. I look forward with continuing to work with Pro Audio Voices in the future!”

Scott Allen, Narrator with Pro Audio Voices

“The Pro Audio Voices team is absolutely amazing! I didn’t know what to expect in this process, had never done an audiobook, and from the beginning it was clear the team was very organized. There are a lot of moving parts with an audiobook, and I didn’t understand that when I began the process. But now I have so much respect for the process and how scrupulously it was done by the team.”

Marylee MacDonald, author of Bonds of Love & Blood

It’s like being part of a family – a very organized, professional and efficient family. Great people who have created a great process in an effort to create a great product.

Phil Schoen, Narrator with Pro Audio Voices

“PAV did a fabulous job producing the audiobook for my novel, ‘Unfettered Journey’…They found a perfect fit [for the voice] of my novel. The team handled the logistics smoothly with a clean process… It was a pleasure working with Becky and her team.

Gary Bengier , (Author of Unfettered Journey)

Becky and her team are outstanding! They found the perfect narrator for our historical biography CALLED, they kept us well informed throughout the process, and all of the many moving parts moved seamlessly behind the seams.

We are thrilled with the final product, and most highly recommend Pro Audio Voices.”

Marlena Fiol and Ed O'ConnorMarlena Fiol & Ed O'Connor, (Author of Called: A True Story)

“As the author of a novel, I am exceedingly picky in the research that supports the story in my mind. It has been the same when it came to shop for the right producers of the first audiobook version for one of my novels: QUANTUM: The Trilogy Begins. Pro Audio Voices totally satisfied me in terms of collaboration, choice of character voices and quality of the final product.  I am very grateful to the Pro Audio Voices team for their excellent job and I am looking forward to working with them again and very soon!”

Dean De ServientiDean De Servienti , (Author of QUANTUM)

“The Devil Pulls the Strings as seen on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, Tickler News Live, and the NY Post, received the Firebird Award, the Literary Titan Award, The International Review of Books Badge of Achievement, selected to move forward in the American Golden Picture International Film Festival competition, made the Chanticleer Long List in multiple categories, as well as, received 5-Star Book Reviews from Book Viral, Clarion, Chanticleer, Literary Titan, readers on,,, and listeners on

The recognition and validation I attribute to everyone who helped bring my story to life along the way. And you, and your team and Curt helped bring my characters, story and world to life through a fantastic created audiobook, and future podcast series too. And for this I thank and appreciate you and your team very much, Becky.”

J.W. Zarek, author of The Devil Pulls the Strings

“Writing a book is not a trivial matter and there is a lot of work behind it. But once you decide to upgrade the written words into audio, the stakes are even higher. The results obtained by Pro Audio Voices when creating audiobooks are extraordinary, beyond my wildest expectations. Their full cast productions make the listening experience simply sublime.

I would like to thank the entire Pro Audio Voices team for the outstanding work they have done. Their professionalism and proactive approach to the author’s needs give that added value that gratifies every effort made up to reach the final goal.” 

Maurizio Vettori , (S&S Media Manager for QUANTUM)
“The staff of Pro Audio Voices is helpful, professional, and very highly skilled! The whole process of working with them to turn my four thriller novels into audiobooks was a genuine pleasure. Key of course is the quality of narration, and the narrators with Pro Audio Voices are absolutely top-notch. Great voices, great accents, great to work with. Audiobooks, of course, greatly expand a writer’s audience and allow people to enjoy your books while driving, swimming, walking, puttering in the kitchen or workshop, and also significantly while standing on their head.”
William McGinnis, author of the Adam Weldon Thriller Series (Whitewater, Gold Bay, Cyclops Conspiracy, Slay the Dragon)

“I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the team at Pro Audio Voices. These folks have their stuff together and have produced a product of which I am very proud. I can’t see how a screenplay writer can go wrong if Pro Audio Voices can bring their script to life as they have for me. It will give them something to bring to market as well as having a calling card for movie makers.”

JD West J.D. West, author of Cosmic Cowboy the Musical

“Here at Wavefront Explore, we deal with film production, graphic design and 3D modeling for many book authors. We recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a project with Pro Audio Voices and we have been pleasantly impressed by the quality and professionalism of the work carried out by the whole team. I found its CEO Mrs. Becky Parker Geist extremely proactive in communicating with our team with attention and focus. Pro Audio Voices showed us their total dedication towards our common goals. In conclusion, we found a fantastic company with whom we will definitely develop our future projects.”

Marco Perra , (Wavefront Explore Founding Partner, Head of Creative Department for QUANTUM)

“The Pro Audio Voices team brought my vision to life and more! I was able to trust them fully with the content my team worked so hard to create. They were incredibly talented and I felt encouraged each step of the process that they knew how to best create my project. We will definitely be going back to them for any future projects and always enjoy their warmth and kindness as well as their creativity and craftsmanship.”

Courtney Malburg, Parkinsons Foundation

“I used Pro Audio Voices to make an audiobook of my book.  I was more than happy with your services as they were totally professional.  I chose Pro Audio Voices in the first place because your website looked so professional and the services you provided sounded just what I was looking for. My book was read by Toni Frutin (such a beautiful voice) and she did an amazing job reading. You got me in touch with Indigo Publishing to edit my book.  I am more than happy.”

Iain MacLeodIain M. MacLeod, author of Ten Seconds That Changed My Life.

“Pro Audio Voices is my team and I could not be happier.”

Author Jim Wetton testimonial for Audiobook Marketing ProgramJim Wetton, author of the Monroe Family series

“Working with Becky Parker Geist on my audiobook was a pleasure. She is a pro. She understood the project immediately, and got right on it, showing good attention to detail. Her team is impressive!”

Cassie Sanchez, author of Chasing the Darkness

“It was probably one of the best experiences ever. It was as if I wrote the lyrics and somebody was singing the song. It was just so exciting every time I listened to a chapter. It was just unbelievable to me – she just did such a wonderful, amazing, perfect, great job. I couldn’t choose anyone better because I just lit up every time I would hear her speak on the words that I’d written. It was magical. It was definitely an exciting process for sure and every time I would hear a new chapter, I’d be like ‘Oh my gosh, this is real! It’s happening!’ It’s a very exciting feeling.

Brianna Fitzgerald author of The Road to HealingBrianna Fitzgerald , (Author of The Road to Healing)

“Working with Becky Parker Geist on my audiobook was a pleasure. She is a pro. She understood the project immediately, and got right on it, showing good attention to detail. Her team is impressive!”

Lee Foster Lee Foster, author of Travels in an American Imagination

“At Pro Audio Voices they’re really excellent to work with. They are up front and take care of business and are really concerned about the author. Great experience! “

author Robert A. WilsonRobert A. Wilson, author of Endless Inspiration

“Becky Parker Geist at Pro Audio Voices is wonderful to work with. She helped us record and release our first audio books. Not only is she friendly and helpful, she’s prompt and produces a wonderful audio book. Highly recommended. The Pro in her company name is no joke. She’s a pro through and through.”

Kim Richards Gilchrist, Publisher

“Absolutely the best group of folks to work with, whether a beginner or a pro. I have done ten books with Pro Audio Voices, and every one brought this author’s dream to life with a minimum of effort and a maximum of excellent results.”

Pamela Jekel, author of Natchez

Working with PAV as both an editor and a narrator has been 100% lovely. Those of your team I’ve worked with directly (Monica, Carlos, and Elias) have been patient, kind, understanding, and communicative. In other words, professional. And I told Becky today, “Have I mentioned lately how much I enjoy working with you?”

I’ve actually been overrun with so many (narration) projects lately that I’m also filled with a tremendous amount of gratitude and positivity about where my VO career seems to be taking me, and so much of that has to do with PAV.

So….many, many, MANY thanks, and let’s keep this train moving!

Jason Lasky, Editor/Narrator

“I was not the easiest among clients to work with: I write long-form fantasy with large casts and requested auditions from some of the biggest names in the audiobook and voice-acting industry.

Pro Audio Voices succeeded in producing a product as good or better than any I’ve ever listened to, and nabbed a heavyweight talent to breathe new light and perspective to my text.

For that I am very thankful.”

Jonathan Pruitt, author of The Amber Menhir
“Pro Audio Voices did a fabulous job creating the audiobook for my novel, The Resurrection Project. They informed me of every step that was going on throughout the process.

The incredibly talented, Esther Thibault, did a wonderful job of narrating my story, helping to make each character come to life. I’m so thankful and pleased with the finished product.”

Tanya Belvin, author of The Resurrection Project