Fiction Audiobooks

Great fiction demands great actors, differentiated dialogue, and the energy that fits the story. At Pro Audio Voices you can count on our team finding the right voice/s to bring your story to life.


The majority of audiobooks are narrated by a single voice, but each project is unique. Does your project call for a single narrator or multiple voices? If your book is from multiple points of view or is written more as a full cast or scripted project, then we’ll discuss those options with you.

Great stories deserve great actors to tell them. Listeners want to be IN the story, experiencing the emotions, being moved by the characters. The pace and drive of each moment in your story comes alive through the narrator’s delivery and energy.

Other considerations in selecting your narrator include gender, age, and accents of the characters in the book. We have over 400 vetted narrators in our database from all over the world, and if none of them are a fit for your book, our team takes the search outside of our talent pool to make sure you get the best voice/s for your project.


Does your book call for music? Music can be used not only for opening and closing credits, but also for larger divisions such as Parts that may have several chapters within each part. This is a lovely way to give an aural cue to the listener that a larger segment is starting or finishing. Music can also be added to enhance scenes within the audiobook where appropriate.


Sound effects (SFX) may be a consideration if you’ve written, for example, a collection of short stories in the horror genre. Keep in mind that for long books that while adding in a full soundscape can sound amazing, it also adds significantly to your budget. SFX sourcing and fine tuning placement and mixing is highly time-intensive.


If you have a series of books or other books that are in the same genre, it may make sense to offer a sample or sneak peek of one or more of your other books – whether those others are in audio already or not. Other bonus options that may be appropriate include things like:

  • an interview with the author
  • scenes that got cut
  • backstory notes

Here are some fiction samples: