Apply to Join Our AWESOME Post-Production Team!

If you’re an audio engineer with experience editing & mastering audiobooks, and are looking for project by project contractual opportunities with a team that really cares about delivering the best finished product, then we invite you to apply to be part of our team!

If you’re a good fit for our post-production team you’ll have the following:

  • ​audio engineering skills that allow you to work efficiently

  • excellent attention to detail

  • good communication skills

  • care for the quality of your work and the finished product

  • audio mastering skills

  • skills with mixing VO with music and/or SFX

  • ability to work well with a team

  • great attitude

We offer projects that we believe will be a great fit for each engineer on the team. We also invite engineers to join our weekly team meetings on Mondays whenever working on a project and if available. That helps with project management, managing client expectations, and keeps us all mindful that though we may work separately, we’re working as a team toward a common goal.

Before applying please be sure your Core Values are aligned with ours.

If you’re accepted into the PAV post-production team, we’ll reach out to you as projects come up that may be a good fit for you.

Please note that we are only able to work with Per Finished Hour rates, with the exception of projects such as those that are short in duration but dense in SFX, in which case a project rate would be offered.