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Typically we work with authors, leaders and publishers who may initially be challenged by inexperience in the audiobook industry, or are concerned about getting a return on their investment in a flooded marketplace.

Our expert team has helped our clients turn their story, message, or vision into a top quality listening experience, getting it out there to their target audience, and having
a greater impact in the world.


Helping Great Stories Come Alive

Becky’s reading of my novel Where Flows the Creek: a Romp in the eDimension has raised the writing to the tenth dimension! She imbued the words with so much character and vibrancy that I laughed and cried in response to my own writing. As a contracted service, she was timely, professional, and delightful. She was patient with my naïveté, as well as with my demand for perfect rhythm and pronunciation of foreign and invented words, and even found the right mood for the many poem-songs that I presented merely as written words, including over-recording in distinct voices when two characters were to be singing together. Her creative invention astounded me.

— David Colin Carr, PhD, editor and writer
David Colin Carr, PhD, editor and writer

A Daughter's Inheritance: A Novel by Geraldine Boyce cover image“Becky Parker has done an excellent job creating the audio of my novel A Daughter’s Inheritance. The characters are distinct, her enunciation is clear, and each scene comes alive. Her acting experience and talent really make a big difference, and her extensive experience in narrating audio books. There is a lovely balance of the dramatic and the narrative that she weaves so well. It’s been easy to work with Becky all along the way, and this was a new experience for me as an author. Becky made it so accessible and easy.”

Finalist in the 2014 National Indie Excellence Awards

Geraldine Boyce, author of A Daughter’s Inheritance: A Novel
“Becky and her team were a pleasure to work with. They helped me understand my options and find the right talent for my first audio book, Silent Invasion. The production process worked smoothly and there were no surprises. They also helped me create a video trailer that was far better than anything I could have dreamed of.”
Chris Shockowitz, Author and publisher of Silent Invasion and Colonizing Trappist

Becky brought the stories and characters in my book to life, giving each character a distinctive voice and adding sound effects at crucial points along the way to enhance the listening experience. I enthusiastically recommend Becky and Pro Audio Voices to other authors and publishers, and look forward to working with her again for my own future projects.

Sherry Decker, Author of Hook House

Working with Becky Parker Geist on my audiobook was a pleasure. She is a pro.
She understood the project immediately and got right on it, showing good attention to detail. Her team was impressive. She offered me three voice possibilities for the male voice I requested. I chose William Dougan, who did an outstanding narration. Her cover design person, Andy Parker, worked with me efficiently on the evolving cover idea. I’ll be going back to Becky for future audio projects.

Lee Foster, Foster Travel, Author of Travels in an American Imagination

I’m glad I’ve engaged PAV to produce my book The Human Side of Agile in audio. We had a highly collaborative and flexible process, which allowed me to have a say in every aspect of the audiobook’s production. Becky made many helpful suggestions that improved the result, going as far as using two additional voices for the many personal stories and sidebars in the book. She applied all my feedback and requests even at the cost of extra recording cycles.  I’m pleased with the result, the cost, and the quick turnaround.

Gil Broza, Author of “The Human Side of Agile” and “The Agile Mind-Set”

<<<<<<<<333333333 So much awesome!

Karina Fabian, Author of Neeta Lyffe series

Becky Parker Geist at Pro Audio Voices is wonderful to work with. Friendly and helpful, she’s prompt and produces a wonderful audio book. The Pro in her company name is no joke. She’s a pro through and through.

Kim Richards Gilchrist, Publisher, Damnation Books/Eternal Press
Becky, FANTASTIC job!  Wow and I do mean WOW! You totally nailed it.  Your work is audio beauty.  You are the Michelangelo of voices and narration!
Jordan C.