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Audiobook Connection

Behind the Scenes with the Creative Teams

Host: Becky Parker Geist

Engaging conversations with Authors, Narrators, Post-production audio engineers, Marketing teams as well as audio book listeners and fans. Go behind the scenes with audiobook creators as host Becky Parker Geist guides the conversation to discover the surprises, victories and challenges in publishing and producing audiobooks. Ideal for indie authors, small publishers, audiobook fans, and anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes peek into the audiobook world – as well as authors and publishers looking for tips from the pros on production and marketing. Behind-the-scenes interviews with audiobook creators as well as audiobook production and marketing tips – with episodes every other week.

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Podcast Episodes

1605, 2024

Ep 220: Interview with author Claudia Marseille (memoir)

By |May 16th, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Claudia Marseille, author of But You Look So Normal: Lost and Found in a Hearing World, joins host Becky Parker Geist for a conversation about this moving memoir. Becky was also the narrator of this audiobook that takes the listener on a journey through Claudia’s childhood, challenged by profound hearing loss in a time when hearing assistance technology was in its infancy. Learn more at Get your copy of the audiobook at More Episodes on Megaphone Notes [...]

905, 2024

Ep 219: How Images in your Book can Create Connection – Interview with Author Joy Moeller

By |May 9th, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Joy Moeller, BS, RDH, AOMT-C, author of Is Your Tongue Killing You? Learn How to Sleep, Breathe, Chew, and Swallow Correctly is a Certified Orofacial Myofunctional Therapist. Her book was selling well, but she kept hearing that her customers weren’t getting around to reading it. An audiobook edition was called for. But with so many images, would that work? Absolutely yes! In this episode you’ll learn not only how the images in her book became an asset to the audio, but also a lot about [...]

205, 2024

Ep 218: Podcast Goals & Implementation Options

By |May 2nd, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Planning to start a podcast but have questions? There are some foundational questions you might not have even thought to ask yourself yet, that can be critical to your success. Join host Becky Parker Geist as she walks you through the first things you need to know and decide. Would you like to schedule a one to one call with Becky to discuss your podcast idea? Book a call here. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes Please support this [...]

2504, 2024

Ep 217: Should You Start Your Own Podcast?

By |April 25th, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Considering becoming a podcast host? Or using a podcast to share your audiobook? What are the basic considerations you’ll want to evaluate before getting started? Host Becky Parker Geist will guide you through the basics of podcasting: why you might want to start a podcast, and what kind of podcast you might like to create. If you already have a podcast but are ready to add a team to manage all the details you’d like to delegate, this will also be helpful to you. Ready [...]

1904, 2024

Ep 216: Interview with True Crime Author RW Gates

By |April 19th, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Having now produced three audiobooks with Pro Audio Voices, guest RW Gates shares his experience of audiobooks with a single narrator, two narrators, and a full cast. How do the audiobooks bring to life and enhance the telling of the chilling true crime tales? What special skill came to the fore in decoding what was considered to be the most impossible code to crack? And how do we come to know whether what we’re told is true—or a web of disinformation? Join us! More Episodes [...]

1204, 2024

Ep 215: Basics for Narrating Your Own Audiobook

By |April 12th, 2024|Categories: Behind The Scenes Podcast|Tags: , , |

Considering narrating your own audiobook? Author-Narrators should be aware before they get started, some of the key issues and top tips to make sure they’re making the best choice by being their own narrators. Once that decision is final, it’s important to know the best practices and tips moving forward into the recording process. Quality is critical when it comes to your audiobook! Let’s make sure your audiobook hits the mark and you end up with the best audiobook possible. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]