Episode 122: Narrating Tables in Your Audiobook

Got tables? Maybe you are assuming you need to omit them for the audio. If you are, put that decision on hold until you listen to this episode packed with valuable information and what you need to know! What questions do you need to ask yourself before you begin? How do you keep your listener clear on where they are in the table? What [...]

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Episode 121: Becky as Author is Interviewed- An Audio First Launch

The tables are turned when our host is interviewed as the author of The Left Turn: Two Lives, Worlds Apart (book 1 in the Split Universe Series). Join Jarryd Chambers as the interviewer and Becky and her co-narrator JS Arquin for this fun interview on a dual narrator project that just launched audio first. You’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek from the perspectives of author, [...]

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Episode 120: Writing Exercises Within Your Audiobook

Does your book include writing exercises? How should you handle those in an audiobook? Is there a way to do them that works in audio? Should you just put them on your website and leave them out? Or are they opportunities instead of obstacles? Host Becky Parker Geist discusses what to consider in your decisions, how to handle writing exercises, how to leverage those, [...]

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Episode 119: The Mystery of Mastering: An Interview with Michael Reaves

Join host Becky Parker Geist for a discussion about mastering audiobook files with two-time Grammy™ award winning audio engineer Michael Reaves. From studio to microphone technique, from single narrator to full cast, with or without music and SFX, learn what it means for your audiobook to be properly mastered. It’s not only about passing QC required specifications for distribution. The art of mastering is [...]

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Episode 118: Your Graphic Novel in Audio

Audiobook versions of graphic novels are growing in popularity, but as a distinctly visual format, how that works may not be easy to figure out. Host Becky Parker Geist provides tips to help you save lots of money in the process, while also helping you get the best version of your graphic novel audiobook. From the elements to include in the scripting, to the [...]

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Episode 117: Adam Weldon Thrillers- An Interview with William McGinnis

Titan Book Award-winning author William McGinnis joins Becky Parker Geist to discuss his Adam Weldon Thriller series, now with four books, the first three launched in audio and the fourth in production. Learn more about his journey as a successful nonfiction writer who has turned to fiction, and tips on what he has learned in the publishing process. Learn more about William McGinnis at [...]

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Episode 115: AMPlify Your Distribution and Marketing

Using the AMPlify program offered by Pro Audio Voices, you can regain or maintain control of your audiobook launch timing, pricing, promotions, discount codes, customer info and so much more while dramatically increasing your royalties! Becky will talk you through the program, what it offers, and also how to maximize its use with your audiobook. This marketing program used to be exclusive to Pro [...]

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Episode 114: Filmed Theatre- An Interview with Jim Parker

Join Becky Parker Geist and Jim Parker, owner of Riverview Studios, as they have a behind-the-scenes chat about Colla Voce, a new play by Larry Klein that premieres May 7, 2022. Bringing a play to life in film, including filming in a confined space, creates opportunities and challenges for the entire production team. From lighting to sound to resident dogs, the five-day shoot and [...]

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Episode 113: Life’s Not Yoga—Or Is It? An Interview with Jacqui Burnett

Behind the scenes with author Jacqui Burnett you’ll get to hear about casting decisions and why it was critical to find the narrator who could effectively characterize a few key players in this memoir of growing up in South Africa during apartheid. This book and audiobook are part of a Dare to Be Love platform for healing. Learn about how this project helps raise [...]

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