Episode 78: Following Clues to Success

“Success leaves clues” Tony Robbins tells us. Figure out what a successful person does and model it, even improve on it, but learn their steps, specifically regarding your marketing. Host Becky Parker Geist helps fill the gaps in our understanding of effective marketing with ideas, techniques and strategies that we may not have imagined are effective. She gives us encouragement to find out what [...]

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Episode 77: Challenges with Memoirs – Tips

Do you have a story to tell? Is your own story pushing its way to get out into the world? Be prepared to tell it successfully when you hear what Host Becky Parker Geist, a successful author, audiobook producer, publisher, and entrepreneur has to share about overcoming the challenges to getting your memoir into a storytelling format to reach the hearts of others who [...]

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Episode 76: Interactive Children’s Books an Interview with Brad Pohl

Listen in as Host Becky Parker Geist discusses with innovative Children’s Book author Brad Pohl the exciting new way he is bringing his content out to the world, creating an experience for children to have more control, thus teaching them self-discipline, accelerating the learning process, and teaching children ways to take care of the earth’s environment. Brad alerts us all to conservation problems and [...]

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Episode 75: Recording your own audiobook in partnership with a pro narrator – Interview with Laura Davis

Host Becky Parker Geist discusses with Memoir author Laura Davis the advantages and disadvantages of collaboration between an author who narrates her own audiobook and (with) a professional narrator’s consistency in playing some of the characters. As an author narrating – making the best choices and discovering what really matters. How sharing a memoir - a very intimate, personal account - with others feels [...]

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Episode 73: Interview with Melyssa Barrett

In this interview with Melyssa Barrett, Host of the JALI Podcast, you’ll discover the fascinating journey of one woman who turned her husband’s profession of telling the stories that need to be told, along with her passion for connecting and engaging with people, into an inquiry to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion through her successful podcast series. Host Becky Parker Geist asks questions that [...]

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