Publisher Plan for Front List Audiobook Production

Increase Your Profits

Publishing your titles as audiobooks can help your profits grow – but managing costs on audiobook production can be challenging.

Manage Your Costs & Cash Flow

We understand that managing cash flow is critical, so we’ve created a way to help you get more titles into audio while managing costs and cash flow.

Publisher Plan for Back List Audiobook Production

Audiobook production is a great way of keeping those back list titles fresh and relaunching the titles you’ve already published.

Customized Participation

As your audiobook partner, we handle everything from casting through submission to your digital distribution channels. How much input and review you want to take on is all customizable.

Audiobook Production and Marketing

You Set the Budget

You set the monthly budget and provide the prioritized list of titles. Based on your monthly budget, we’ll produce the related number of hours of audiobook production so you can keep projects moving forward steadily.

Set a Separate Budget for Each List

With our Publishers Plan you can set a monthly budget for back list titles that is distinct from your budget for front list titles.

Adjust Your Budget as Your Needs Change

You can also adjust your budget at any point to either shift focus from one list to the other or to increase or decrease the rate of audiobook production. We’re with you all the way.

social media marketingMarketing Your Audiobook Launches

Through our Audiobook Marketing Program™, we can help your marketing team by providing video trailers of each audiobook we launch for you and having our social media team expand your reach. This is an optional add-on to the Publisher Plan.

Cosmic Cowboy the Musical audiobook coverSpecial Audiobook Projects: Multi-voiced, Music, Sound Effects, Podcast Episodes

We love producing more complex audiobook projects that push the envelope of what audiobooks can be. Our team can take on the most challenging audiobook production projects. We regularly produce audiobooks that utilize each of these elements. Audio opens up a world of sound possibilities – a world we love to explore and expand. Our team works with you to determine what will best serve each project.

Hidden Blessings cover imageMarketing from the Inside Out: Non-fiction titles

We’re also tuned in to looking for marketing opportunities within audiobook production projects. For example, nonfiction titles with visual elements or exercises or even lists of questions can benefit both the listeners and the authors by an invitation to download materials from the author website. This can also work for publishers – building in invitations to see similar titles on the website. (If you liked this title, you may like that one also.) We work collaboratively with your team to maximize your results by marketing from the inside out of audiobooks.