AMPlify Audiobooks™

Your Suite of Marketing Tools
Higher Royalties & More Control

You Deserve CONTROL Over Your Audiobook.

AMPlify Audiobooks™ is for authors (just like you!) who are eager to sell their audiobooks but may not know how to get started with marketing, or perhaps have already experienced the frustration of not having any control. AMPlify Audiobooks™ provides a suite of marketing tools and a platform that enables authors to maintain control, earn much higher royalties, and engage with a motivated author community as well as their own customers.

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What does AMPlify Audiobooks include?

  • Control your own pricing! (Not just a suggestion—YOU decide!)

  • Create discount codes without limits! (Give review copy codes & more!)

  • Earn 65% royalties of GROSS sales price you set! (Compared to 0-30% with other retailers)

  • Access your customer information! (Request reviews, express gratitude & build your community of followers!)

  • Manage your products in one easy vendor dashboard! (Save time and energy)

  • View real time reports! (Inform your marketing strategy)

  • Get step-by-step Marketing Guides through the AMPlify DIY Marketing Membership portal. (Valued at $249/mo)

  • Get paid weekly (No thresholds or minimums!)

  • Join the Pro Audio Voices Author Community Facebook group!(Community is Priceless!)

  • Great listener experience for your customers—like they’re used to!(Happy customers are more Priceless!)

  • Your customers have impact with their purchase—unlike what they’re used to! (Customers who care are even more Priceless!)

“I’ve been really pleased with the audio sales of my book. I’m getting back more from ProAudio than from my Amazon sales, both paperback version and ebook. It’s truly wonderful!”

Get started for $399!!

One time account set-up, plus $3.99/mo maintenance fee.

How does AMPlify Audiobooks™ stack up?

  AMPlify Audiobooks Conventional Distribution
Upfront Costs $399 one-time, plus $3.99/mo maintenance fee “Free”
Royalty Amount 65% of GROSS revenue 25-40% of NET profit
Hidden Costs None 70-100% of the revenue from all your audiobook sales
Royalty Payout Weekly Monthly ~3 wks after month ends
Set Your Price
Run Promotions
Create Coupons
Access to Customer Data
Marketing Support
Community Support

How does AMPlify Audiobooks™ work?