More control. More royalties.

We’re Disrupting the Audiobook Industry and Putting the Control in Author’s Hands—Where it Belongs!

Earn 65% royalties on your audiobook, instead of the traditional 25%-35%!

AMPlify is NOW AVAILABLE to ALL! No longer exclusive to PAV authors.

What does AMPlify include?

The AMPlify app is nearing completion of development.

Once launched, we will update this image to show a sample of the listening experience in the AMPlify app.

Our intention with AMPlify is to increase the impact of works that inspire and uplift the world.

  • You’re empowered to sell your audiobook directly instead of just relying on the big retailers!
  • You will earn a true 65% royalties, or more, from each purchase! (We even cover merchant fees.)
  • Easily gather sales data and customer information from your vendor dashboard! You stay in control of pricing, discount codes, reports, etc.
  • You will automatically receive weekly royalty payments!
  • Access the AMPlify Membership portal for step-by-step Marketing Guides. 

  • You’re invited to the private Pro Audio Voices Author Community Facebook group!

How does AMPlify work?