Full Cast Audiobooks

Does your project call for multiple voices and a more theatrical or filmic approach?
We LOVE those projects!

“We recently had the opportunity to collaborate on a project with Pro Audio Voices and we have been pleasantly impressed by the quality and professionalism of the work carried out by the whole team. Pro Audio Voices showed us their total dedication towards our common goals. In conclusion, we found a fantastic company with whom we will definitely develop our future projects.”

– Marco Perra, Head of Creative Department, Wavefront Explore Founding Partner

Full Cast projects typically have 3 or more narrators—32 is our current record and we invite you to help us break that record! You might think of them as radio plays, with music and sound effects, or like film without the visuals. Types of writing that work well for this style of audiobook include scripts, screenplays, books heavy with dialogue and/or from many characters’ points of view.

It’s a time-intensive process — and we LOVE it.


Full cast audiobooks are typically not fully scripted for audiobook production when they come to us, and as part of Pre-Production we help develop a production manuscript ready for recording. For example, many character attributions (e.g., “he said angrily”) can be omitted, as long as we have been introduced in the scene to the voice playing that character. We don’t need to say “angrily” since the actor will be acting that.

Some narrative may get converted to dialogue; some narrative may be modified to fit the dialogue around it. Other narrative may be replaced by sound effects, or altered to better accommodate those effects.


Typically there is still a narrative voice that you might think of as a Narrator character. This voice is often woven into enacted scenes, helping the scenes move forward from a physical action perspective. Most often the actors in the cast will portray multiple characters, filling in the smaller bit parts using their vocal skills to differentiate the character voices.


When we produce full cast audiobooks, the recording process involves directed scenes with each actor in their own studio, but performing the scenes in context with the other actors. The audio is then gathered and assembled by our top-notch post production team. Once the voice tracks are complete, we mix in the music and sound effects.


Full cast projects take time. Each step in the process of crafting the project usually takes longer because there is more work to be accomplished.


Sound effects, music, and size of cast all factor into the budget. If you can let us know up front what your budget allows, that will help us determine the options we can provide. Our team works with you during the Pre-Production phase to come up with the best solutions to manage budget while also creating the best possible finished audiobook.

Here are some projects like this:


The Trilogy Begins by Dean De Servienti

Lin Su Yoshimura

by J.C. Walker

Girl with a Violin

by Wendy Bartlett