Author Narrated Audiobooks

If you plan to narrate your own audiobook, we can provide the support and team to make the process as easy as possible and your finished product the best that it can be.


There is no single answer to that question. It depends on your goals, your skills, how much time you want to devote to recording, and what recording resources you have available either at home or locally.

Getting Set Up

The first decision to be made is whether you prefer recording in a local studio or at home.

We have a couple options for at-home recording, depending on the level of support you prefer or need: with a Home Studio Consultant (HSC) or with a Remote Audio Engineer (RAE).

Remote Audio Engineer (RAE)

Better suited for authors who feel technically challenged or who want the extra support. Best for finished projects or parts of projects that are two hours or under.

With this option, our RAE runs every recording session, watching the script, providing direction as well as handling the technical aspects of the process. All you need to do is focus on telling your story.

Full Package Includes:

  • Every recording session is run by the RAE (typically 2-3 hours each)

  • RAE handles the technical side of recording

  • RAE provides direction real time in sessions and monitors the script

  • No need to learn how to use audio software


Your RAE will already have your audio from each session—you don’t have to do a thing.

Once your files are edited, your Project Manager will send them to you via G-Suite Drive for review.

Home Studio Consultant (HSC)

Better suited for the true DIYer.

With this option, our HSC will get you set up and then train you to record with Audacity (free recording software). For more assistance, the HSC is available for additional training and/or consultation as needed at an hourly rate.

Full Package Includes:

  • Two 1-hour sessions going over studio placement in home

  • Equipment Setup

  • Training on how to record and edit audio in Audacity

  • Professional Home Studio Kit*

*Professional Home Studio Kit (Optional)

Takes the guesswork out of the process! Includes all the equipment you need to record: condenser microphone, interface, pop filter, boom stand or tabletop mic stand, and headphones. As well as time with our HSC* who will show you how to set it up.


Your HSC will train you on how to deliver your files.

Once your files are edited, your Project Manager will send them to you via G-Suite Drive for review.


We know what questions to ask and what to look for. Based on your location, we can do the research to find some recording studios near you.

During at least your first session, we’ll have a director on zoom during recording to provide coaching and direction to help get you up to speed. Together we can then decide if it makes most sense to have the director continue on or to let you proceed on your own with the studio engineer.

The recorded audio files all go to our Post-Production team. If you’re recording in a local studio, we will coordinate with their engineer to get the files we need.

Once your files are edited, your Project Manager will send them to you via G-Suite Drive for review.

Here are some Author-narrated projects:

Afdhel Aziz & Bobby Jones

Good is the New Cool: The Principles of Purpose

RAE example

Laura Davis

The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother Daughter Story

HSC example

Kevin Krenitsky

The Still Point

Local Studio example