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Ep 144: Earn More from Your Audiobook- Meet AMPlify

Wondering how to earn higher royalties and gain more control over your audiobook? Becky shares more about why every author with an audiobook should want to get on board and what difference it makes for you. After all, indie authors put in the time and money and resources to create the book and audiobook. They should be the ones earning back the majority of [...]

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Ep 142: Interview with Angela Page and Mia Altieri (There’s a Dead Girl in My Yard)

Angela and Mia co-authored and also co-narrated this funny, at times poignant, and thought provoking tale. Join in the fun of this interview to hear the behind the scenes story of its inception, its journey through writing and recording, and where its headed in distribution. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes

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Ep 141: Ways to Pay for your Audiobook Production

There are a handful of payment structures that are typically used in the audiobook industry, for example Royalty Share or Per Finished Hour. Becky will walk you through the cost basis types, but will also show you the challenges and risks that each involve. If you are exploring your audiobook production options, this is an episode you definitely need to hear so you are [...]

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Ep 140: How to Produce an Audiobook

An overview of audiobook production, this tour of the process is foundational. Host Becky Parker Geist knows audiobook production inside out and leads us through the steps with clarity and focus on what is most important for you to know. Not only will you get the grand tour from Pre-Production through to Marketing, you’ll also learn about where to mine the gold when it [...]

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Ep 139: Interview with Joshua Townshend

Join us for this fascinating and delightful dive down the rabbit holes of what makes audiobook narration really come alive and grab our listeners by the ears and hearts. Joshua has a nature based approach to the creative process and works with clients in any storytelling context, from writing to performance in any genre or medium. This is an episode you’ll definitely want to [...]

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Ep 138: Interview with author Gina Cheyne (Murder in the Cards)

How many authors do you know who are also helicopter pilots? Meet Gina Cheyne in this episode, author of the SeeMS Detective Agency series. Learn about how her unique approach to a female collaborative team of detectives, and her experience in listening to other authors narrate their own audiobooks, combined to steer her toward having a pro narrator. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 137: Book Launch Strategies for Audiobooks

Wondering about your options for launching your audiobook and how it fits into the launch? Should you have all your formats done before launch or roll the formats out one at a time? Becky Parker Geist provides guidance on these decisions and shares her secret sauce on how to stay in control of sales and royalties. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 136: Interview with author Kenny Down (Darko)

Figuring out what accents are important to how an audiobook comes to life can shift during the audition and casting process. Finding the right voice is often more about the storytelling itself than the mechanics of accent. You’ll also hear about the inception, research and writing of this powerful spiritual story. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes Check [...]

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Ep 135: Interview with author Bethel Barr (Crystal Corridor of Light)

Some books just feel like they need to be author narrated—they are so very close to the soul and heart of the author. But do they actually? Hear how this author discovered how the mystical connection between author and content and narrator—when all are in alignment—can all merge into a deep and magical audiobook. Host Becky Parker Geist was also the narrator for this [...]

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