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Ep 159: Interview with Patricia Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan, author of Overland Before the Hippie Trail, is a world traveler. As a young newlywed, she and her husband decided to travel and work. A planned trip of a few months that turned into two years and the adventure of a lifetime. As an author, as soon as she released her book, people started asking when the audiobook would be released. So [...]

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Ep 158: What Do You Want Your Listeners to Do?

Why did you write your book? What is its and your gift to the world and your audience? These “why” questions are actually foundational to how your audiobook can make a greater impact. Becky Parker Geist guides us through both the questions to ask ourselves and also the techniques we can use when we’re ready to make important Call To Action (CTA) production choices [...]

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Ep 156: Pozotron – Interview with CEO Adam Fritz

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be a tremendous support in the audiobook world. Pozotron is an AI-based support tool for narrators that saves time, thus helping streamline the audiobook industry. Learn more about how CEO Adam Fritz and his team see AI as a resource and how it is impacting the world of audiobooks. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes [...]

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Ep 155: We ARE Story – AI vs Narrators

We experience our lives as narrative. We are creators. What happens when we turn over our creativity to AI? If democratizing affordability is the problem, is AI narrating audiobooks really the best solution? Is is a way to create better audiobooks? Is the value proposition valid, or just a slippery way for tech giants to grow their own bottom lines? More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 154: Studios vs Audiobook Producers- Differences and Red Flags

Thinking about working with a studio to produce your audiobook? Here are some really important keys you’ll want to be aware of in the process. What may surprise you is how much the business model for studios plays into what your costs will be to work with them. From recording to post-production, the differences are striking. This episode will help you decide what’s best [...]

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Ep 153: AI and More- A Conversation with Joshua Townshend

What does the arrival of AI (Artificial Intelligence) as audiobook narrators mean for the audiobook industry and for listeners? Will the art and soul of audiobooks be lost in the pursuit of profit? In the balance of Quantity vs Quality, what does AI mean? Join storytelling specialist Joshua Townshend and host Becky Parker Geist for a fascinating conversation down the AI rabbit hole—and beyond. [...]

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Ep 152: Should You as Author Narrate Your Own Audiobook?

Are you the best voice for your audiobook? Maybe. Learn about the key parts of the process and critical factors in your decision-making process. Where will you record and what will each option entail? What are the technical things you’ll need to be aware of? How will you know if you’re the best storyteller for your story—and why you might not be. What could [...]

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Ep 151: More Reasons Why Audiobooks for Kids Make Sense

Whether you’re a children’s author or an adult with kids in your life, this episode will expand your horizons in how you think about audiobooks. There are many benefits and values for kids. Whether your children’s story is published or even illustrated need not be a factor in whether you take advantage of the audiobook opportunities. This episode may also help you as you [...]

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Ep 150: Children’s Book Collections- Win with Collaboration

Children’s books are on the rise in the audiobook world and in this episode Becky provides some ways to take advantage of what might otherwise be considered challenges. When published independently, kids books typically involve a significant budget for illustrations. The fact that the text is short translates to a shorter finished length in audio, which can be seen as both an advantage and [...]

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