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2nd issue: 2021 Thus Far

Hello, beautiful Community, Thanks for tuning in to our newsletter!  In this issue we invite you to peruse the audiobooks we've produced thus far, and to get excited about the Award-Winning books that are in production now. We also invite you to join us in all the other fun we are having! As you may know, facilitating Community is our biggest goal for 2021 and it's already manifesting. Join [...]

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Episode 6: Interview with Michelle Masters, author of ‘Money Magic’ (personal development)

Podcast launches on 3/26/20. Subscribe to Audiobook Connection - Behind the Scenes with the Creative Teams to get notified via your favorite podcast platform. Join us for this engaging interview with author and transformation specialist Michelle Masters. Hear about: Michelle's experience with recording her own audiobook at the Pro Audio Voices studio Reasons behind the decisions on music used [...]

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