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Pro Audio Voices Inc is an employee-owned company based in the Portland, Oregon, area. Founded in 2013 by Becky Parker Geist, the company serves an international clientele with a wonderful, talented international team. Pro Audio Voices has particular expertise with complex projects such as full-cast, immersive audiobooks, though we do a full range from children's books to single narrator projects. We also have particular expertise in pre-production and provide a range of solutions for indie authors and publishers who are seeking the concierge experience, or a streamlined budget approach, or author-narration support, or unusual projects that may not fit in any box.The core values that infuse our work and all we do include: CommunityImpactTeamEfficiency

Ep 174: Casting Audiobooks – Interview with Casting Director Samantha Cooper

Go behind the scenes with Becky and Sam Cooper, Casting Director for Pro Audio Voices. Learn about how casting is done, what questions are asked of authors, and what kinds of things can lead to not getting cast. No matter which side you sit on—author or narrator—there are nuggets for you in this fun interview about casting audiobooks! More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 173: Charts & Graphs in Audio- How to Make Them Work

Got charts or graphs or table? Data-heavy visuals can be a challenge, yes, but they can also be an opportunity to create more value for your listeners. There are many ways to describe these types of visuals, so you’ll need to know what to consider as you decide on your approach. Host Becky Parker Geist leads you through the process to clarify what those [...]

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Ep 172: Audiobook Distribution & Marketing Workshop

Saturday, Jun 17, 2023 10am-noon Pacific Time, join Becky Parker Geist for a workshop: Putting Your Audiobook to Work for You. Learn more or sign up at In this episode Becky discusses audiobook pricing strategies—factors you may want to consider when setting your MSRP—as well as coupon codes and promotional pricing. During the workshop she’ll go even deeper into these, as well as [...]

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Ep 171: Audio First or Audio Only

Now available as an option! Launch your project audio first or bypass the other formats and do audio only. With that new AMPlify Audiobooks author-direct sales platform, indie authors and small publishers now have the option to publish audiobooks before the other text formats. In this episode, Becky covers the types of projects that can work well as audio first or only—and some of [...]

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Ep 170: Audiobook Interrupters

Creating an excellent listener experience is always paramount. When a book has elements that will interrupt its flow, what do you do? How do you handle what may look like boulders in the flow of your stream? Becky shares her insights and tips to guide you in your decision-making during pre-production when it comes to things like annotations, images, diagrams, and more. More Episodes [...]

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Ep 168: Interview with Gayla Turner (Don’t You Dare)

When banker turned author Gayla Turner started writing, she had in mind that someone else would handle the writing since she did not consider herself a writer. Having gotten through the writing and publishing, she thought the audiobook narration would also fall to her to do. Learn more about her process of deciding whether she would be the best narrator option for her book [...]

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Ep 167: Interview with Kathleen Klug (nonfiction: body, mind, spirit)

Health coach and author Kathleen Klug is having an impact. Join host Becky Parker Geist for this interview to hear more about what this author is doing to increase her impact with her audiobook. Discover what the audiobook production experience was like for her first time through the process and coming into it knowing nothing about what audiobook production involves. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 165: Interview & Podcast That’s Gone to the Dogs

A full cast or multi-voiced project may offer fun and creative opportunities for podcasting and bonus materials for your project. Join our host Becky Parker Geist to experience how the team developed an interview between CJ Thomas, the author of Top Knotch: Adventures With Our Clueless Human, and the 3 main characters of the book. More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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