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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

Episode 68: Character Voices

Calling all those wanting to express their characters audibly! Do you want to know how to best bring your story alive with your characters’ voices?  Voice characterization is very subjective. Learn about this kind of character representation and interpretation, differentiation of characters voices, when it matters, when it doesn’t, and more!   Join Host Becky Parker Geist on a fun and productive journey into new ways of expression. More Episodes on [...]

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Episode 67: Repurposing Your Content – Fiction

How do you connect with your current and prospective audience out there? What do you think about when considering repurposing your content? Can you think creatively about how to know your audience well enough to know what they want, and then to help them get what they (and you) want? Host Becky Parker Geist shares a few of the many tools and practices for [...]

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Audiobook Connection podcast hits top 20

Welp Magazine includes Audiobook Connection podcast in Top 20 Welp Magazine has curated a list of the best 20 post production podcasts of 2021, and the Pro Audio Voices podcast Audiobook Connection made the list. If you're an author in the audiobook world, you may want to check out that list to find other podcasts of interest. For example, Podcast Method dives deeper [...]

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Episode 66: Adding a Bonus Author Interview

Considering adding a bonus interview to your audiobook? Host Becky Parker Geist provides the why’s and how’s of creating an interview and how to leverage that to have a greater impact with your listeners, entice them to your website, and provide an enhanced listener experience. Whether you have an existing interview or need to create one, this episode provides valuable tips. More Episodes on [...]

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Episode 65: Repurposing Your Content – Non-Fiction

Host Becky Parker Geist shares reasons to repurpose your content, reframing the information and tailoring it to the intended purposes of expanding your coverage in the world and helping the listeners learn your content more deeply and integrate it more fully. Becky inspires you to think about different ways to present your content (information) to reach ever wider audiences, giving several ideas of the [...]

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Episode 64: The Importance of Pre-Production

If you’re thinking you’ll just send your manuscript to your narrator or audiobook producer and they’ll deliver the audiobook you imagine, then you are probably making a lot of assumptions that could bite you later. Host Becky Parker Geist will lead you through several of the key things to consider when in pre-production, BEFORE recording begins. Set yourself up for success with preparation and [...]

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Episode 63: “Get Agreements in Advance of Production”- Interview with IP Attorney Kelley Way

Expanding on a topic introduced in the previous podcast episode, “DIY Snags - Those Little Things You Might Not Think Of,” Intellectual Property Attorney Kelley Way answers Host Becky Parker Geist’s insightful questions that every author and others involved in an audiobook production need to ask about getting agreements before production in order to keep things clear and to avoid the clash of differing expectations [...]

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Episode 62: Snags – Those Little Things You May Not Even Think About

Learn some specifics about the production process that shine a light on potential “snags” to bypass to make your road to your audiobook goal smoother and more rewarding. In this week’s podcast episode, Host Becky Parker Geist offers the listening audience some timely alerts to avoid problems that can happen in the process of producing your book in audiobook format, some tips to inform the [...]

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Episode 61: Interview with Steve Napolitan

Are you considering how your audiobook will help your listeners stay with you and continue to engage with you? You should be! In this episode, host Becky Parker Geist interviews award-winning marketer, international best-selling author (in 4 countries and 14 categories!), Steve Napolitan about how he creates content related to his books and his mission to achieve his biggest goals. Learn key tips on [...]

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Episode 60: How (Audiobook) Producers Estimate Pricing

Having all the information you need to make an informed decision about your audiobook makes it so much easier to be certain that you, as the author of a book, are making the correct decision in selecting an audiobook producer for your project. Host BPG takes the mystery out of audiobook production pricing by sharing specific criteria that are taken into account in considering [...]

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