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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

Ep 136: Interview with author Kenny Down (Darko)

Figuring out what accents are important to how an audiobook comes to life can shift during the audition and casting process. Finding the right voice is often more about the storytelling itself than the mechanics of accent. You’ll also hear about the inception, research and writing of this powerful spiritual story. More Episodes on Megaphone Notes Check [...]

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New Release! The 21st Century Man by Judson Brandeis MD

Written by an elite team of 50 doctors and men’s health experts, The 21st Century Man reveals insider secrets that men in midlife and beyond need to recover, rebuild, and maintain their physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. Lead author, Dr. Judson Brandeis, is an award-winning urologist and sexual medicine expert, clinical researcher, physician educator, and a caring clinician and surgeon. He is also [...]

Ep 135: Interview with author Bethel Barr (Crystal Corridor of Light)

Some books just feel like they need to be author narrated—they are so very close to the soul and heart of the author. But do they actually? Hear how this author discovered how the mystical connection between author and content and narrator—when all are in alignment—can all merge into a deep and magical audiobook. Host Becky Parker Geist was also the narrator for this [...]

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Ep 134: Attention to Timing & Cadence- Fine-tuning your Audiobook

Especially with full cast projects—but really with any audiobook, the cadence and timing of voice and the spaces between are as much a part of its success as the notes and rests are in music. Becky focuses in this episode on the spacing, especially of dialogue. A valuable listen for audiobook engineers and editors as well as narrators and authors! More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 133: Interview with Author Jim Christopher

Join host Becky Parker Geist for an interview with author of the Utopian Testament series, psychological thrillers that draw on intriguing characters and often inspired by conflicting perspectives. Find out how and why Jim selected the narrator for his series and how it played out as the audiobooks come to fruition. Learn more at More Episodes on Megaphone [...]

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Ep 132: Pre-Production- Mining the Gold

In this episode Becky delves into the pre-production phase of audiobooks, pointing out some of the lodes of gold that are so often overlooked. Whether you’re an author of nonfiction or fiction, there are opportunities that most authors miss. And most audiobook producers are more focused on just delivering a voiced narrative of your book than on helping you achieve your goals. More Episodes [...]

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Ep 131: The One Big Question

If there were just one key question to ask yourself for which the answer is likely to be life-changing, what would that be? There is such a question, and a follow-up adjunct question to pair it with. This is a question to answer not just once, but throughout your life. Yes, it relates to your audiobook, but it goes WAY beyond it as well. [...]

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Episode 129: Audiobook Categories- Get Your Metadata Working for You

With book marketing, we focus a lot on metadata, especially on Amazon, where there are more tools and information available to help us make good choices for categories and keywords. Audiobooks, especially for those of us who are wanting to get the widest distribution, can still utilize Amazon tools for our audiobooks, then apply what we learn to our metadata with our audiobook digital [...]

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