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I have a deep passion for voiceover and audio narration. I have a fast-growing private clientele of publishers and authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional with a strong acting background and the talent to bring their projects to completion through a joyful, collaborative process.

Episode 53: Audiobook Marketing Program – Part 2: Media Assets Library

Managing your marketing assets can help you gain an advantage for a successful marketing campaign and help you reach your wider audience and even expand your fan base. Today’s episode is the second of a series on the Audiobook Marketing Program (AMP) created by Pro Audio Voices. Host Becky Parker Geist will walk you through what she and her team call [...]

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Episode 52: Audiobook Production Tip – Audiobook Marketing Program – Part 1: Marketing Workshop, Blueprint, Lists

Effective Marketing can make the difference in sales success for your audiobook and help you reach your wider audience. Authors often feel challenged dealing with marketing, figuring out where to begin and where to focus. Today’s episode is the first of a series on the Audiobook Marketing Program (AMP) created by Pro Audio Voices.  Host Becky Parker Geist will walk [...]

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Episode 51: Audiobook Production Tip – Script Notes

If you’ve decided to be the voice for your own book, this episode will help you with some options and recommendations. Whether you choose to record in a pro studio, a semi-pro studio, or set yourself up with a home recording set up, there are questions to ask and decisions to make that will make the experience smoother and more [...]

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Episode 50: Audiobook Production Tip – Unpublished Children’s Books – Joy

A child’s curiosity knows no bounds. Even those who seem bored and distracted have the energy within them to participate in the world if only we arouse their interest. Today we look at the opportunities presented by Unpublished Children’s Books - children’s stories not yet published in an eBook or a print format, and ways to enrich the stories with [...]

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Episode 49: Audiobook Production Tip – Short Story Collections

Discover the variety of useful ways your short stories (singly and as collections) can benefit children, parents who wish to encourage their young to appreciate the fascinating world of literature through audiobooks, the literary-hungry public, educators, and you! Becky Parker Geist has some innovative suggestions for enhancing your short stories to maximize their visual and auditory appeal, to illustrate the [...]

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Episode 48: Audiobook Production Tip – Children’s Audiobooks for the Visually Impaired

Children are thirsty for adventure, knowledge, entertainment; constantly looking for great stories to drink in and enhance their life experience. An often-neglected segment of that population – visually impaired and blind children – are just as much so - craving the same stimuli. This creates a wide-open market for the author’s creative use of the elements of storytelling and learning [...]

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Episode 47: Audiobook Production Tip – 15+ KEY Questions To Ask Your Potential Audiobook Producer

Finding the right audiobook producer can feel like a daunting task! And if you’re new to the format, you may not even know what questions to ask in your selection process. So in today’s episode, I’m giving you a comprehensive list of questions to ask potential producers so you can find the perfect match for your unique needs. I’ll give [...]

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Episode 46: Interview – Insider Insights From The CRO of Author’s Republic

At Pro Audio Voices, our preferred digital distributor for audiobooks is Authors’s Republic...and for good reason! Distributing content to over 50 different channels across the world like audiobooks.com and spotify, the platform opens the door to high visibility for authors. So in this week’s episode I invited Darren Spears, CRO at Author's Republic, to talk about their process for getting [...]

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Episode 45: Audiobook Production Tip – Top Audiobook Goals + How They Shape The Production Process

Forget half-baked resolutions —  let’s define rock solid goals for your audiobook in 2021! In today’s episode, we’ll dive into the VERY first step in approaching the audiobook process. The clearer you are about your goals around your audiobook, the more easily you can make decisions that will bring those goals to life. I’ll lay out the most common goals [...]

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Episode 44: Audiobook Production Tip – Timing Is EVERYTHING: New Year Marketing Tips For Self-Help Authors

Self-help and personal development authors rejoice! It’s that time of the year where readers and listeners everywhere are making resolutions, setting goals, and planning big changes in their lives — which means they need you the most right now! So how can you most effectively leverage this time to reach a bigger audience and boost your audiobook sales? In this [...]

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