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Slay the Dragon is the fourth book in the Adam Weldon Thriller series from William McGinnis. McGinnis pours his love of adventure, skill with words, and joyous sense of fun into taut, rip-roaring, upbeat thriller novels.

Slay The Dragon is a riveting thriller novel that will appeal to readers looking for a suspenseful spy story. This unpredictable mystery novel will engulf the reader in its complex exploration of geopolitical predicaments while providing them with a unique storyline that will keep them engaged from the first to the last page. —Literary Titan Review

This audiobook project was expertly managed by Monica Franz and narrated by the talented Tristan Wright.

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Book Description

Want to understand what is going on right now between China and America? A murder investigation exposes systemic deception, crime, election rigging, information dominance, mass manipulation, corruption and outright theft at the highest levels of China and the United States.

This gripping, thoroughly researched, Literary Titan Gold award-winning novel reveals—as sometimes only fiction can—the raw, excruciating truth behind today’s headlines.

Audiobook Details

Length: 6 hrs 39 min

Narrator: Tristan Wright

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