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Money Magic audiobook cover Here at Pro Audio Voices Inc we have the opportunity to collaborate with many great authors and leaders. Together we craft listening experiences in audiobooks and podcasts that will impact the world one listener at a time. We’re honored to be partnering in this way to make our wonderful – and very stressed out – world be a better place for all of us. As Michelle Masters, author of Money Magic: Clearing Your Path to Money, Time, and Happiness, so succinctly puts it: “The better it gets for any, the better it gets for all.” And by the way, Michelle is holding a Money Magic workshop (online due to the pandemic) the weekend of April 4-5. I’ll be there.

From Dr. Maritza Montano, LMHC, PhD and author of Meant to Last Together

Meant to Last Together cover
“Did you know that excessive anxiety and fear can cause your health to be at risk? Don’t panic during the potential threat of the coronavirus! You must learn how to manage it before it controls your health. “Your mental health matters.”
Here is how you can help calm down your worries and fears.
The coronavirus has created a major crisis all over the globe. The majority of people are obsessing and panicking about how it is going to impact their lives. There is a lot of uncertainty and fear about the future. The world is at a standstill and people are full of uncertainty about what is going to happen next.
We all know that self-care and prevention is important in order to manage the risks associated with any virus or disease that threatens your health. This is why it is crucial to remain calm and not panic under the circumstances. Your mental health needs to be your highest priority and you must remain proactive to stop your brain from burnout before it is too late.”
Dr. Montano’s audiobook Meant to Last Together is available at most audiobook retailers and libraries.
Learn more about Dr. Montano at stresstherapy4you.com.

More audiobooks that can help in these times when calm is important

Calm is always important. It is the place from which we can best deal with anything that comes our way. When the world around us going a bit crazy, how do we stay calm and centered? Well, meditation, of course. But getting absorbed in a great audiobook can lower your stress dramatically. Here are a few recommendations to help you relax, be inspired, or just get lost in. They are available on a wide range of audiobook retail and library channels. We’ve linked them here to the author websites, where you can learn more.

Meant to Last Together: Shift your life course toward a happier and more fulfilling relationship for many years to come by Dr. Maritza Montano, LMHC, PhD

Balancing the Wheel - Sadigh Balancing the Wheel: A balanced approach to self-healing and “wholistic” fulfillment in pursuit of health, happiness, & success by Dr. Daniel D. Sadigh

Hidden Blessings by Jett Psaris

Money Magic: Clearing Your Path to Money, Time and Happiness by Michelle Masters

Dharma for Awakening Dharma for Awakening and Social Change by Maetreyii Ma Nolan

When You Thought No One Was Looking: 101 True Stories with Life Lessons by Christine Cochrane Yukevich When You Thought No One Was Looking

Vertical Living by Vidyangi Patil

Vertical Living

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