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Keeping Calm with Audiobooks

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Event Cancellations

If your calendar was anything like mine was, you’re probably also now experiencing an increasing flow of dates opening up – time that was designated for gatherings of one kind or another. I’m going to make a suggestion. Rather than spend that time poring over the viral news or fretting over negative possibilities, this might be the perfect time to take your mind off current events and relax with an audiobook.

Pause for a Health Tip About Stress pause audiobook

Health Tip (that you’ve certainly heard but may have forgotten in the moments of being bombarded with bad news): Being stressed stresses your immune system and raises your cortisol levels. The best thing you can do when feeling stressed is to stop.  I know, I know – HOW?! Actually, the first thing is to literally stop. Stop what you’re doing and breathe. Meditate or just sit quietly and focus on your breath. This is also where you can distract away your stress with a great audiobook.

Top Recommendations for Audiobooks to Help Ease Stress or just help you Feel Good

We frequently produce audiobooks in the field of health and wellness, and many of these include meditations and/or exercises that can help you reduce your stress. But just having an engaging and solid entertainment works as well. So many genres to choose from. Here are a few winners that can help you relax, be inspired, get happily absorbed in, or just have fun with. They are available on a wide range of audiobook retail and library channels.

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The World Needs Everyone to Calm Down

If you think you’re helping by being stressed out, I have a news flash for you: you’re not. The best thing you can do is to be calm, eat well, sleep well, meditate, breathe. It is one thing you have control over that will help yourself and everyone around you. It’s the best way to be prepared for any negative situation or circumstance that may come your way. It builds your immune system. And it feels WAY better then jumping into the fray of panic and fear. So, take a moment to listen to a soothing audiobook to help you be well. While listening: breathe in…breathe out…repeat for the remainder of your life (ideally with a dose of gratitude for each of those breaths).

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