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Super Fans and Why You Want to Encourage Them

You know those friends who are always eager to tell you about a great film they just saw or book they just read or audiobook they just listened to? Imagine having a group of fans out there talking about your audiobook like that – spreading the word, telling their friends and co-workers and family they “have to” get this audiobook. These are the kind of folks that book marketing expert Penny Sansevieri refers to as Super Fans.

While that CAN happen without you doing anything to encourage it, that’s a bit like hoping your garden will grow without watering it. Given enough rain or a well-placed leaky hose, that could work out. But responding to reviews and having social media conversations where others can “eavesdrop” is like turning on the sprinkler.

Put Yourself in the Shoes of Your Fans

  • What would you LOVE to have your favorite author do for you?
  • Is there behind-the-scenes info would you like to know?
  • What discounts or perks would you like for spreading the word?

Now think about what you can actually reasonably offer. Remember that it only takes a small core of super fans to make a big difference. As that group grows, you can adjust what you can offer. But be as generous as you can to those who love you most and share early. Nurture your early fans and they’ll generously give back with the kind of wow word of mouth that only a super fan can give.

Easier Places to Engage in Conversation: Social Media

Since it can be difficult to engage in helpful conversations on the retail audiobook channels themselves, try turning to social media platforms where discussions flow freely – especially GoodReads! These are places designed for engaging in conversation. And by seeking out groups within these social media platforms, you can more easily find or start the type of discussions that are valuable and meaningful.

Honor the Group Rules

On FaceBook, there are several groups for audiobook listeners. Make sure you honor the rules of each group. This is critical! You can ask if anyone has listened to your audiobook – and you might want to ask about it by title rather than as “my audiobook.” Ask about what other audiobooks are being recommended in your genre.

Once you’ve been in a back and forth conversation, you might refer to something in your own book, “The character reminds me a bit of the character of Jeff in my own book, and I love how sneaky he is!” Stop there. Do NOT do a sales pitch. Wait for an invitation to share more. Be careful to avoid doing the vocal vomit routine as soon as someone asks.

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