Podcast Trends

2019 podcast stats According to PodcastInsights.com, there are currently over 750,000 podcasts and over 30 million episodes. That’s up over 200,000 podcasts since one year ago. So, clearly, we’re on a significant upward trend. Related “old news” from August 2017: at that point already 50% of all US homes were podcast fans (Nielsen). That’s almost 2 years and lots of Alexas-in-homes ago. Just imagine what that percentage is now.

It reminds me of the stellar rise in audiobooks over the last decade. Seems like we are a people that really like to listen.

Your Audiobook and Why This Matters

Noticing these trends can help authors gain insights into how their audiences might like to engage with them and follow them. If you’re currently blogging consistently, maybe you’d like to take that one step further and have your blog recorded into a podcast series. Some other things to consider:

  • Perhaps your book would make a good podcast series, divided up into episodes.
  • Do you also write short stories that would suit the podcast world?
  • Do you have other content related to your audiobook or author platform or career that you think would interest listeners?

Any of these and more are options we would be happy to discuss with you here at Pro Audio Voices. Let’s look together at your goals and your audience and see what makes sense for you.

NEW Podcast! Audiobook Connection: Behind the Scenes with the Creative Teams

We are VERY excited to announce our plans to launch our new podcast in September 2019: Audiobook Connection: Behind the Scenes with the Creative Teams. We will be inviting authors who have opted in to the Audiobook Marketing Program™ (AMP), as well as the narrator/s of their audiobooks, post-production team, and fans to gather in a kind of coffee house style (but via Zoom – so BYO coffee and pastry) for a lively conversation “behind the scenes.” This is adding a HUGE value for our clients! Because we are committed to our authors’ and publishers’ success, we’ll also be partnering with C-Suite Network Radio to massively increase our listenership.

Audiobook Marketing – How Long Does It Go On?

Ideally, it never stops. But that does not mean that you have to or should do it all! Marketing should be a team sport. At Pro Audio Voices, we’re here to help you and your audiobook succeed. If you have not stopped by the Audiobook Authors YouTube channel recently, come on by! Watch some videos, make some comments, subscribe… The more we connect, the farther we can all go together.