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Audiobook and Book Reviews – Helpful or Not Helpful

Have you checked out your reviews on Amazon and Audible? Most authors do. But rather than just being an observer to those reviews, use them to help you. On Audible, there’s not a lot you can do. First, read your reviews. Then, if the reviews are good, you can click that it was Helpful. If it’s not good, you could click Not Helpful.

Commenting on Reviews

Audible does not provide a way for you to comment on reviews unfortunately, at least not yet. But if you look at your reviews and click on the Amazon reviews tab, sometimes you are able to comment on reviews. If you click on the link to “See all customer reviews” then it will take you to the Amazon page where you can again indicate a review as Helpful AND you can Comment on each review.

Ask the Reviewer Questions Amazon Review Comment

Thank the reviewer – yes, even if it is not a 5-star review. Ask questions!

  • What was their favorite part?
  • Was there anything about the back story they’ve wondered about?
  • Favorite characters?
  • What did they more enjoy about the characters?

I know it may seem like risky business, especially online where everyone can “listen in,” but the more you engage in real conversation, the more your fans become SUPER fans. We’ll talk more about Super Fans in our next post. And I’d like to tip my hat to Penny Sansevieri (the book marketing expert) for teaching me the term and ways to build a base of Super Fans while presenting to the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association. Thanks, Penny!

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