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Audiobook Production in 20 Different Languages

Here at Pro Audio Voices we are currently able to produce audiobooks in 20 different languages, and we’re expanding our range all the time. Lowering boundaries through audiobooks is partly about serving authors around the world and helping them be heard. But it’s also about building bridges of understanding between cultures. This goes right to our core values and purpose: opening doors in the heart, mind, and spirit so that change becomes possible and understanding grows. Through audiobooks we get to learn more about each other and experience that we’re one big, diverse, evolving, beautiful, struggling, inspiring, aspiring human family.

In addition to English, in its many variants versions, we have narrators fluent in languages all across the globe.

Audiobook Production in Spanish and Colombian

Audiobook Production in French, German, and Italian

Audiobook Production in Greek, Dutch and Swedish

Audiobook Production in Turkish and Russian

Audiobook Production in Arabic, Hindi, Konkani and Marathi

Audiobook Production in Mandarin

Audiobook Production in Pidgin, Igbo, and Malay

What languages and cultures would you like to reach? Let us know! We’re here to make this world a better place by helping great stories come alive!

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