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If you’re not on GoodReads yet, then as soon as you’re done reading this, go sign up. Here’s the thing: as an author, you want to be hanging out with people who love to read. These digital dog days, especially with the heat of the audiobook market, that means you should be spending at least some of your time on GoodReads. Besides, it’s fun! Go find your favorite authors and follow them. Comment on books you have read. Show up.

Set up Your GoodReads Author Profile

Before you get caught up in all that engagement, however, take one simple step – if you haven’t already: apply to have an author account on GoodReads. You’ll need to request it, then usually wait a few days to get approved. But once that happens, take advantage of having that. Build your profile with personable info about yourself that you feel comfortable sharing publicly online. Add images – they don’t have to be of you, but readers love to see the faces of authors who write the books they enjoy. You are literally putting a face to your published words.

If you’ve got a blog, connect it to your author profile. If you’re part of the Audiobook Marketing Program™ 

Audiobook Marketing Program retailers

we offer at Pro Audio Voices, you’ll have 1 or 3 videos you can link to your account.

Those links are powerful, adding to the fizz of your Google juice.

Your Web on the Web

Connect your website. Since the biggest way we can get our books and audiobooks out there to our audiences around the world is online, we need to use the tools available to us. There are many tools, but you may want to think about this like a spider web. When we connect any two online points, it’s a bit like adding a thread to the web. The more threads we have – the more connections – the greater the chance that our audiences will find us while soaring through cyberspace. Our audiences are actively looking for us, and our job is to make it as easy as possible.

Audiobook Marketing Program 10 Marketing Your Audiobook Through Connections

If you’ve created a book trailer video, you can embed it in your profile by including the YouTube or other video link. GoodReads does not have a way for you to upload the video. You need to have it hosted elsewhere. This is different than AuthorCentral, where you can ONLY upload and not embed.

Audiobook Marketing Program – AMP up!

If you need help creating a video book trailer and optimizing it to really make it work for you effectively, we created the Audiobook Marketing Program™ (AMP) to help you. If you’re already part of the Audiobook Marketing Program™, then you have probably already received the 10-Minute Marketing Memo explaining exactly how to do this step by step. 10-Minute Marketing Memos are part of the weekly email series that is part of AMP. They provide a short marketing action step each week that you can do in 10 minutes or less. We consider adding your video to GoodReads one of the most powerful steps you can take. This leverages your book trailer video as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Pro Audio Voices - Helping Great Stories Come Alive Getting Your Audiobook Produced

If you’re reading this in prior to getting your audiobook produced, or know another author who is looking for an audiobook production company that is factoring in marketing from the start, we can help. Schedule a call with us to discuss your project in a free consultation.

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