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You’re a published author with an audiobook and want to market your audiobook. If your book is available either as a print or ebook through Amazon, then you already have an Amazon AuthorCentral account. You’ll notice that your book listings on Amazon include your name under the title with a hyperlink to your author page. To modify and update that page, login to your Amazon AuthorCentral account using your credentials for Amazon.

Make sure your audiobook is included in your listing. If it is not, then contact customer support to request that they connect all the formats of your book.

Update Your Author Page Profile Amazon Central logo

Now you can update your profile. Add or update your biography. Connect your blog. Add an upcoming event – a reading or book signing at a bookstore, for example. Add photos or images.

If you’ve created a book trailer video, you can upload it directly to your profile. It will take some time to process, but usually within 24 hours it will be live. If you need help creating a video book trailer and optimizing it to really make it work for you effectively, check out the Audiobook Marketing Program™.

Links to authors generate millions of traffic to author profiles every day. Updating your profile helps your followers and potential fans engage with you. Make it easy for them. Tell them more about yourself.

Being Interesting and Interested

All of these things help those who have already demonstrated interest simply by clicking to your author page. These are people who are, in essence, asking about you and your work. They want to connect, to learn more. If you don’t have anything for them there, then it is like telling them you don’t care about them. But for an author, your readers/listeners are your lifeblood. Give them the attention they deserve by providing them with more about you and your work.

Haven’t Got Your Book in Audio Yet?

If you have a book that has not yet been produced as an audiobook, we can help. Schedule a call with us to discuss your project in a free consultation.

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