Audiobook Production with Pro Audio Voices

We typically work with authors and small publishers who have content they really want to get out into the world to their widest possible audience and to increase their impact.

Getting Started

call Pro Audio VoicesDiscovery Call: Before we dive into the production process, we like to make sure that our clients are a good match for us and that we’re a good match for them. We work with many authors who have never done an audiobook and are looking for the support of an experienced professional team. Once they’ve been through the process with us, our clients return again and again with their next books.

We start with a 15-minute Discovery Call. This can happen via phone or video conferencing. If it looks like we’re a good match, then we’ll invite you to email your manuscript for a strategy review.

Strategy Call: Next we set up a 30-minute Strategy Call to discuss your project in more detail, clarify what we can offer you, and discuss any challenges and opportunities regarding the production and/or marketing.

Pre-Production Agreement: Once we decide together that we’d like to go forward, we’ll send a Pre-Production Agreement that will get us started on Pre-Production.


Pre-Production: Some audiobook projects involve enhancements such as multiple voices, music, and/or sound effects. Some involve manuscript modifications such as directions for an activity so listeners know what to do at a given moment, or invitations to visit the website for freebies, or converting a screenplay into a narrative that will work better for an audiobook. Other manuscripts are ready to start casting right away.

Casting & Auditions: As soon as we’re clear on the needs and scope of the project, we start the casting process with a call and/or email from our Casting Team. An audition text is created from your manuscript and our Casting Team will invite narrators from our talent pool to audition. We vet the auditions, then provide 3 or more narrator samples for you to choose from. Once we cast the narrator/s, we move into the Production process.

Audiobook Production Process

Our Operations & Project Manager will be your primary contact during the production of your audiobook. She will keep you updated on the schedule and status of your project and is available for questions that may come up.

  1. First Chapter: We will prepare the first approximately 15 minutes of the project for your approval before we move forward in full with the remainder of the project.
  2. Audio Delivery for your Review: We will deliver edited audio files for your review via G-Suite Google Drive. At this time, you will have the opportunity to request changes. Replacement files will be uploaded for your final approval. Once all audio files are approved, we move into the Submission process.

Authors RepublicSubmission Process

  1. Digital Distributors: We set up free accounts with Authors Republic (AR) for you. This option is available to authors internationally. Distribution through Audible and iTunes is included through AR. If you prefer to go exclusive through, we can do that, though it is not our recommendation since it limits your impact and reach.
  2. Book Cover Conversion, ISBNs, Description, etc.: Audiobook distributors require cover images to meet their technical specifications, which differ from print and ebook specs.  We offer graphic design services to convert your book cover image. We also offer our clients ISBNs (you’ll need 2) and a review of your book description from a marketing perspective.
  3. Upload and Submission: Once all audio files are approved, a retail sample is selected, and submission information is gathered, we submit it for launch! It takes about 10 days to 3 months for your audiobook to populate in the many retail and library channels around the world.

Once submission is complete, it’s time to focus on Marketing.

Marketing Your Audio Book

Audiobook Marketing Program™ (AMP)

Once your audiobook is live, we love to help authors AMP up their marketing with our Audiobook Marketing Program™. AMP is available to our audiobook production clients at a discount. If you have an audiobook produced elsewhere but you would to get in on the marketing power of AMP, we’d love to help!


Available only to our production clients

YOU stay in control of your launch and pricing, and earn more for each sale! 

  • Custom sales page, making your audiobook available for direct sale within days. 
  • Earn 65% royalties on purchases made through your custom sales page and get paid within days of each sale.
  • Set your retail price and change it at any time
  • Run promotional pricing on a schedule
  • Request discount codes for special groups or events.
  • Includes a set of step-by-step Marketing Memos. These will guide you on how to AMP up your sales by driving traffic to your custom AMPlify sales page.
  • Optionally, we can create a video trailer for you for your AMPlify page at a discounted price.


Available only to our production clients

  • Monthly group coaching calls with our team of marketing experts
  • Get marketing questions answered
  • Learn from your colleagues