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Getting Ready for the New Year – Resolutions & Personal Development

If you are an author of nonfiction, especially content that focuses on personal growth and/or health & wellness, it is time to get started on the audiobook edition of your book. While you may be focused on doing holiday promotions and trying to get attention for your book as a gift, I invite you to consider the New Year. Most people make some kind of New Years resolutions. Even if it is not a formal process or written down, the New Year gets us thinking about what we’d like to do differently. It is a time for setting goals.

With that in mind, launching your audiobook may be best in January. For January audiobook launches, authors should be getting audiobook production started by November – ideally even earlier.

The audiobook production process takes time – especially when you are planning to leverage your audiobook to achieve your overall goals. Not only do you need to allow for the recording, editing, mixing, mastering, reviewing, tweaking, but you should also be carefully planning pre-production and how to handle the launch. Many authors underestimate the time required and miss out on opportunities as a result.

Pre-Production Considerations

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There are many options you may want to consider. For example, offering:

  • bonus content, such as author interview, sneak preview or samples from your other book/s
  • free downloads, such as meditations your listeners can get from your website
  • pdfs and other written content, such as visuals that may be easier to grasp in visual form
  • well-described visuals: allow time for the conversion of a visual into narrative form for a better listener experience

These are just a few of many possibilities to explore. The goal: an exceptional listener experience while also creating an attractive reason to draw listeners to your website to continue to engage with you and your content and offerings.

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