Audiobook Connection podcast hits top 20

Audiobook Connection podcast hits top 20

Welp Magazine includes Audiobook Connection podcast in Top 20

Welp Magazine has curated a list of the best 20 post production podcasts of 2021, and the Pro Audio Voices podcast Audiobook Connection made the list. If you’re an author in the audiobook world, you may want to check out that list to find other podcasts of interest. For example, Podcast Method dives deeper into the technical details of podcasting that we cover on Audiobook Connection. Podcasting is a great way to further leverage your audiobook content, so if you’re considering starting a podcast, check out Dan Benjamin’s podcast as well as the episodes about podcasting on Audiobook Connection.

Welp Magazine also curates podcasts in other topics that may be of interest. Check it out! We’d appreciate a share from that page to spread the word about Audiobook Connection!

Audiobook Connection Behind the Scenes available on iTunes

Engaging conversations with Authors, Narrators, Post-production audio engineers, Marketing teams as well as audio book listeners and fans. Go behind the scenes with audiobook creators as host Becky Parker Geist guides the conversation to discover the surprises, victories and challenges in publishing and producing audiobooks. Ideal for indie authors, small publishers, audiobook fans, and anyone interested in a behind-the-scenes peek into the audiobook world – as well as authors and publishers looking for tips from the pros on production and marketing. Behind-the-scenes interviews with audiobook creators as well as audiobook production and marketing tips – with episodes every other week.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 128: The Left Turn- Author Journey with Becky Parker Geist

Becky released her novel The Left Turn: Two Lives, Worlds Apart this year and shares her journey with the project from inception to completion to audio production and audio-first release to ebook and print release. The ebook is on a free ebook promotion on [...]

Episode 127: An Interview with Author Joy Overstreet & Narrator Melanie Carey

Join Becky for an engaging interview with Joy Imboden Overstreet, author of The Cherry Pie Paradox: The Surprising Path to Diet Freedom and Lasting Weight Loss, and her narrator Melanie Carey. This project involved exercises and meditations, and was a very personal story for [...]

Episode 126: Planning for Interference- from Illness to Construction

More than ever since the pandemic hit, we need to factor into our planning what to do if delays happen. A narrator illness can delay a project days or weeks depending on the severity. How can you protect yourself from loss of marketing dollars [...]

Episode 123: Audiobook Project Management- An Interview with Jarryd Chambers

Jarryd first went through the audiobook production process as a client, getting his father’s book into audio with Pro Audio Voices (PAV). Now as a PAV Project Manager for other authors, he’s experiencing the other side of the process. Join us for a peek [...]

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