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Audiobook Return on Investment: Is it Worth it?

So, you may be concerned about the ROI (Return On Investment) of making an audiobook version of your book.

With ongoing double-digit growth in the audiobook market, it’s clearly desirable to get your print or eBook into audio format. We even know that audiobooks can boost your print sales!

You clearly don’t want to miss out on this ever-growing market of readers who prefer listening to their books, and the growth in this market shows no signs of slowing down.

Audiobooks can even be a tool for building your author platform, and with some foresight, you can leverage the audiobook production process to enhance your marketing!

But, is it worth it?

That’s the million dollar question: Will you make your money back? Quality audiobook production is costly, typically in the thousands of dollars. So, what can you expect?

The real truth about what authors earn from the sale of their audiobooks is grossly glossed over in this industry.

There is a disturbing lack of honesty and transparency from distributors and retailers regarding how much authors are really earning from their audiobook sales.

The largest retailer (you can guess who) even considers their formula for calculating royalty shares to be “proprietary information”. Another service claims to pay authors 70%, but the fine print tells another story. You’re really getting 70% of whatever’s left after the retailers they distribute to take their cut.

You can jump further into the royalty share rabbit hole, but in sum, our years of research has concluded that authors get around just 25-35% royalties in a best case scenario.

When breaking this bad news to authors they wonder how this is possible.

“But the audiobook wouldn’t exist without me, I should be getting the bigger half. Right!?”

Sadly, retailers and distributors don’t seem to think so. However, at Pro Audio Voices we believe it should be possible for creators to make a living from writing the stories we love to listen to, and so we’re flipping this formula on it’s head!

Become an AMPlify Author – More Royalties, More Control!

At Pro Audio Voices we are passionate about helping our clients thrive, and that’s challenging with the issues already described above. The good news is that we’ve done it!

We have just re-launched AMPlify Audiobooks – where authors have direct control over their product, and earn higher royalties than possible on any retail platform!

This direct distribution solution is designed to put the creators first, so writers earn more from their hard work, and a return on their investment becomes attainable. After all…

No Authors = No Audiobooks!

Creators with audiobooks can join AMPlify NOW at Early Bird Rates.

We work with Authors, Foundations and Non-Profits to provide the control and royalties they deserve from their audiobooks.

You can start making more from your audiobook now! The AMPlify Audiobooks listening app is now LIVE in the Apple App Store (coming for Android soon in 2023).

What Makes AMPlify Different? Why Should I Join?

AMPlify is an audiobook sales program option that gets you an ACTUAL 65% of the sales price YOU choose.

You can create coupon codes, adjust your price, or put the audiobook on sale whenever you want.

You can even continue a relationship with your customers, since your sales data is directly available in the AMPlify Dashboard.

And you get paid quickly—no long wait or threshold. You should have that kind of return and control!

Why hasn’t anyone made this possible before?

There’s a significant cost to the development of these digital tools, and the retailers who have, prefer to keep the profits and customer data for themselves.

No one author should have to bear the cost of creating a similar platform, so, we’re doing it for the authors we’ve seen struggle with the current state of royalty distribution, so they can reach their goals!

AMPlify is the Perfect Compliment to Wide Distribution

AMPlify doesn’t replace a distributor, and we think it’s important to have your audiobooks available on the popular retail sites! This way, the listeners who are staunchly loyal to a certain platform don’t get left behind.

Your audiobooks can be available where audience are already looking, whilst you’re recommending they use AMPlify to support you directly. By sharing about your audiobooks and driving traffic to AMPlify, you’ll earn the highest possible royalties.

This is the fastest way to get a return on your investment in audiobooks.

So, what about the listeners? We’re thinking of them too.

The AMPlify Audiobooks app provides the seamless listening experience we’re accustomed to, but with the added benefit of knowing your purchase is making a direct impact,

not just lining the pockets of conglomerates. AMPlify Audiobooks App is NOW AVAILABLE for iOS devices and Android! Click Here to Download (iOS) or (Android)

Think of it kind of like the Etsy of audiobooks, where you can support the creators directly. Join the AMPlify Author Community at our pre-launch rates – for a limited time only!

Our Conclusion:

So, although the industry standard isn’t where it should be, with AMPlify it becomes possible for you to get a return on your audiobook investment.

As most indie authors know, most often it’s your marketing push which makes an impact.

Increase that impact by sharing a direct link to your AMPlify Audiobook store, and give your audience the opportunity to support you directly with their purchase.

Who is AMPlify Audiobooks for?

AMPlify Audiobooks is for Authors. Non-Profits, Foundations, and other organizations may also be eligible for using AMPlify if distributing their own work, but not that of other authors.

Authors, Publishers, Narrators, and anyone else who is excited by the work we’re doing support authors are invited to become an AMPlify Audiobooks Ambassador, and will be rewarded for each author brought into the AMPlify Author Community!

More Questions?

I would happily receive whatever questions you have about Audiobook Production, Distribution, and Marketing so I can respond in the Audiobook Connection podcast and/or in our blog. Submit your Questions Here!

We’re here to help.

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