Audiobook Marketing Program launches

Audiobook Marketing Program launches

Audiobook Marketing Program – AMP up your sales and visibility

How do I market my audiobook? That’s a question I get a lot, and I’m going to do a short series on some ways to charge up your marketing for your audio book. But before I dive into this first segment, I’m so excited to announce the launch of Pro Audio Voices’ AMP – Audiobook Marketing Program. For years I’ve been working with a range of marketing professionals to develop a way to help my clients sell more of their audiobooks. My goal has always been to help my clients not just get into, but to THRIVE, in the audiobook marketplace. What does that take?

Great – not just Good

The first thing any author in the audiobook market needs is a GREAT audiobook. “Ok” or “Good” or even “Pretty Good” are not good enough. With all the millions of audiobooks available, there is no reason any listener should have to settle for anything less than great. But, the other truth is that there are a LOT of audio books that are only Good or Ok. So step number one to getting ahead in this audiobook world is to have a GREAT audiobook. How do you ensure that? Work with experienced professionals who can help you find an excellent narrator – not just someone who reads well and has a “nice voice.” Any “story” needs a skilled actor to make it come alive for the listener – and I put “story” in quotes because even straight up non-fiction or how-to books are telling a story. If you’re an author who firmly believes your story should be narrated in your own voice – that’s fine, but get professional help in coaching you or directing the audiobook, to make it the best YOU can do.

Upcoming Posts

In upcoming posts, I’ll get into the following topics:

  • Social media strategies
  • PAV Author Community: working together to expand our audiencesVideo trailers
  • Getting Audiobook Reviews
  • Awards entries
  • Leveraging Amazon’s Author Central

The AMP package includes:

  • Creation of 3 video trailers about your audiobook, using the cover image and audio clips from your audiobook (and potentially other images from your book, or pertinent images, that you provide) as well as answers to author interview questions we provide
  • Roll out of the videos over the course of the 3-month AMP campaign
  • Post the videos on the Audiobook Authors YouTube channel, exclusively for the Pro Audio Voices community of authors
  • Optimize the video descriptions for maximum discoverability, including links to retail purchase pages, author website, author bio, book description, other books by, social media links, GoodReads page, and Author Central page
  • Provide the embed code for posting optimized video on the author’s website (our team can do that for you at an additional cost)
  • Post the videos on the author’s Author Central account
  • Perform a ranking boost using a proprietary boosting program used by the marketers for top achievers such as Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor
  • Post the video on several social media platforms. For best results, follow Audiobook Authors on social media. We will provide links to make it easy.
  • Audiobook Authors will follow and connect with participating authors on social media on which the authors are active, including YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.
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