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Marketing Audio Books

Marketing audiobooks of my clients has become a passion of mine. In order to help great stories come alive to their fullest, we need audio book listeners to find our work. Social media has always been a part of the mix. But I’ve just been able to secure a powerful marketing option for my clients.

Introducing INscribe Digital

Although INscribe Digital does not work with authors of fewer than 5 books, they have agreed to partner with me as an agent for my clients. What does this mean to your audiobook and the discoverability of the audio book, ebook, and print editions of your book? You gain access to top notch expertise in marketing and metadata for your book, and broad access to retail distribution channels including libraries and bookstores.

Metadata – huh? What’s that? And Why Does it Matter?

Metadata is “data that describes other data.” In the case of books, it is data that describes your content, your book. And that data is words and phrases. In other words, Metadata is just the words and phrases that describe your book. Imagine you wanted to find a book like yours but did not have a title. What would you type into Google or Amazon to find it? THAT’S METADATA!

I think of metadata as that mysterious God of Author Auccess with whom most writers have no relationship to speak of, let alone have a grasp of what it is. But without effective metadata for your book, it would be like sending folks out into a field with mountains of random texts completely without organization and asking them to find a book they might like.

Google and Amazon

Thanks in many ways to Google and Amazon, we’ve come to expect organization and search tools that will help us find what we’re looking for. In order for that to work, all those engines handling all those searches rely on metadata. Used effectively on your website, in Goodreads, social media, your blog, etc., makes your book SO much easier to find and more visible to the folks who want to listen to your audiobook and read your other editions.

Back to INscribe

So when I had a meeting with the folks at INscribe this week, I got SUPER excited about the potential for my clients and the benefits they will gain through my partnership with INscribe. This relationship also opens up options for clients who have or would like to have an enhanced ebook (great for kid’s books!). The team I’ve been developing keeps costs low and returns high.


Let me know if you have questions about options for marketing your audiobook, ebook, and/or print book. Becky @ ProAudioVoices.com

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