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Episode 46: Interview – Insider Insights From The CRO of Author’s Republic

At Pro Audio Voices, our preferred digital distributor for audiobooks is Authors’s Republic...and for good reason! Distributing content to over 50 different channels across the world like and spotify, the platform opens the door to high visibility for authors. So in this week’s episode I invited Darren Spears, CRO at Author's Republic, to talk about their process for getting YOUR content out into [...]

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Episode 42: Interview – Publishing Health Titles In Pandemic Times with Brianna Fitzgerald

Wellness, self-care, and health have become hot topics in 2020 amidst a global pandemic, social distancing, and skyrocketing stress levels. Despite the difficulties, these events have given writers like Brianna Fitzgerald, author of ‘The Road To Healing’, a chance to shine. In today’s episode, she’ll share her thoughts on how the pandemic has shaped our mental, emotional, and physical health. Tune in for her [...]

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Episode 31: Interview – Compelling Memoirs From Print To Audio With Tania Romanov

What makes for a timely and compelling memoir? And how do you vividly convey that journey in audio? To answer these questions and more, we’re joined by Tania Romanov, author of Mother Tongue: The Saga Of 3 Generations of Balkan Women. Her book chronicles the strong women in her family and their struggles with immigration and exile, and effectively pulls readers into their lives [...]

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Episode 29: Interview – Wisdom From An Indie Publishing Adventure With Gordon & Jarryd Chambers

Writing, publishing, audiobook’s all a journey of discovery when it’s your first time! The best tips and tricks come from those fresh off the adventure, which is why we’ve invited Gordon Chambers, author of Searching For Monkumar.  He’ll share the wild path of bad publishing company experiences, the process of finding out if his draft was shelf worthy, and enlisting his son Jarryd [...]

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