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Episode 40: Audiobook Production Tip – Nonfiction In The New Year: How To Tap A Perfect Opportunity

The New Year is a time when people start thinking about making new changes, setting goals, and bettering themselves — making it the PERFECT time to launch nonfiction content! Whether you already have a nonfiction audiobook or authored a book that hasn’t made it to the audio format yet, I’m going to give you my tips for making best use of this opportunity. I’ll [...]

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Episode 26: Audiobook Production Tip – Choose Your Audiobook Launch Strategy

So you’ve finished your book, and now the most exciting (and nerve wracking) part of the journey begins...the launch! With an endless sea of marketing options at your fingertips, how are you supposed to start narrowing it down? In today’s episode, I’ll cover 2 overarching strategies to help you kickstart the decision making process -- the staggered launch and the ‘all formats’ launch. Learn [...]

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