Yes. There are a few different approaches to this. If you think you may have just a few customers wanting your audio book as a CD set, then you may be best off suggesting they download and burn it to a CD. If you think you have enough of a following that will really want the CD version, your best option is to have us put in a request on your behalf at Authors Republic. They will cover the cost of the production, do the graphic design, and get your CD sets up on Amazon MarketPlace. But you are best positioned to get accepted for this if you can either demonstrate that you have folks planning to buy OR offer to buy at least 10-20 yourself at cost (which is very reasonable and leaves you plenty of room to sell at a profit). These you can use in any way you like – sell them*, give them away, use to get reviews, etc. Another option, if you just want a few sets, is to burn CD sets yourself and get CD binders, sleeves, and print labels and inserts. We don’t know how much longer CD technology will be around, but lots of folks, especially baby boomers, are still using it. They are surprisingly holding their own in the market share of audiobook sales. Also, it can be a lovely gift for folks who have no interest in newer technology or just want to listen to books in their cars or CD players. *Be sure to make sure when you are selling any editions of your books (print or audio or any other products), that you are complying with the law regarding sales tax.