If you’ve never been through the audiobook creation process, Pro Audio Services (“PAV”) makes it easy and accessible. Here’s the process (CLIENT could be the author, publisher, or any other legal rights holder):

  1. Send the Text: CLIENT provides PAV with full digital manuscript in pdf format (preferably) and the word count of the text to be narrated. This allows us to provide a quote, to estimate the length of finished audio, and to look for any particular challenges in the text, etc.
  2. Discuss Agreement: We discuss the project with you by phone and/or email and sort out how to best proceed based on your goals, and will provide a written proposal for the project.
  3. Listen to the Sample: PAV will provide a sample read of approximately 15 minutes in length from one or more narrators. CLIENT may: 1) approve the audition sample; 2) request changes in the read; 3) request a different narrator; 4) choose to not move forward with PAV. We respectfully request that CLIENT make one of these choices within one week after audition is provided so we can better manage our studio schedule and projects.
  4. Enter Contract: PAV will provide a contract proposal, so we are all clear on what we’re agreeing to. This may be an agreement to a set project cost, a Per Finished Minute agreement (dollar amount calculated on the total time of finished audio files), or a Royalty Share agreement (usually with some royalty advance paid up front), or some combination. The royalty share agreement, with negotiable percentage royalty share, reduces the CLIENT’s upfront cost and gives us a great incentive to help your audiobook keep selling strong.