Launching February 2020!

Audiobook Connection brings you engaging interviews with authors, narrators, producers and more in the audiobook production and marketing process. and conversational episodes every other week. The Audiobook Connection podcast is designed for folks who love audiobooks – authors and listeners alike – to get a behind-the-scenes view of how it all works. The audiobook projects include multi-voiced and full cast productions such as screenplays and dramas; straight single narrator audiobooks; those with music and/or sound effects (SFX); author-narrated books; children’s books; spoken word productions and more.

AC-I Interview Conversation Episodes

Episodes starting with AC-I are those that include entertaining and informative conversations from with the creative teams that produce audiobooks – Authors, Narrators, Post-production teams, Marketing teams as well as audio book listeners and fans. We engage in discussions about the creative audiobook production process and share the surprises and challenges we faced.

AC-T Tips Episodes for Audiobook Production & Marketing

Episodes starting with AC-T are focused on sharing audiobook production and marketing Tips. These episodes are solo podcast episodes and are designed for authors and publishers in or entering the audio world, addressing questions about decisions that may need to made along the way.

Learn from a pro what you need to know for audiobook production and tips for audiobook marketing. As an audio book fan, learn how to help your favorite writers and narrators, so you can get more of the audiobooks you love.

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