Becky Parker Geist, CEO Pro Audio Voices

Becky Parker Geist, Founder & CEO

Pro Audio Voices

At Pro Audio Voices we have a deep passion for helping great stories come alive! Pro Audio Voices has a fast-growing private clientele of small publishers and independent authors who recognize the value of hiring an experienced professional team with the strong acting talent to make their projects stand out.

I’m Becky Parker Geist (Becky Parker is my performance name) and as the owner of Pro Audio Voices I am dedicated to providing an easy path for authors and publishers ready to build audiences, increase revenues, and expand market reach by entering the audiobook market.

Why Stories Matter

What difference does a story make it to the world? Every time a great story comes alive, doors open – in the heart, in the mind, in the spirit. With each story we bring to life and each door we open, positive change becomes possible. I believe we are changing the world one story at a time.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which – through the stories we share – we recognize ourselves in each other.

How I Got Started in Audiobook Production

After receiving my M.F.A. in Acting, I began narrating Talking Books for the Blind through the Library of Congress, narrating over 70 titles in two years, and became one of their most popular narrators. As a professional stage actress, I’ve toured internationally, regionally and locally. My other voiceover work includes radio spots, online ads, industrials, museum information, etc. I have a particular love for creating children’s book audios and books that include sound effects and/or music. I’m represented by Tonry Talent in San Francisco.

I established Pro Audio Voices in 2013 to better serve my clients. By pulling together an exceptional team of voiceover talent (including talent in other languages), studio and sound technicians, marketing expertise, and developing referral relationships throughout the publishing industry, Pro Audio Voices serves clients internationally as an client-focused resource for Audiobook Production & Marketing. 

Independent Publishing & Marketing

As a writer actively engaged in the publishing world, I understand the challenges of creative people taking on the business of marketing their books. I have developed (and continue to develop) a wide network of resources to whom I can refer. Unlike most other audiobook production services, we at Pro Audio Voices help authors and publishers navigate the maze of getting their audiobooks into wide distribution channels, saving time and avoiding frustration, and then take it the next level by helping market all the audiobooks that we produce. We also offer flexible agreements and payment arrangements, adding to the ease and accessibility we offer our clients that is simply not available elsewhere.

Leadership in Indie Publishing

Committed to leadership and building strong, long-term relationships, I serve as President of the board of BAIPA (Bay Area Independent Publishers Association) and a local Chapter Leader for the North Bay NonFiction Authors Association (NFAA). I’m also a member of IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Assn.), APA (Audio Publishers Assn.), WNBA (Women’s National Book Assn.), TBA (Theatre Bay Area), and BAWIP (Bay Area Women in Publishing). I offer presentations about audiobooks to groups of authors and publishers across the U.S. and abroad.

Theatre Production

As an acting coach and director, I help students applying to college theatre programs prepare their auditions and adults preparing for auditions and public speaking. I work with playwrights developing new material for the stage. As a theatre production professional, I help Off Broadway and other theatre companies in NY and the Bay Area in the collaborative process of making great stories come alive in live performance.

Core Values

Impact. Our mission is to create and market audiobooks that transform people and the way they think – about themselves, the beings around them, and the world we live in. Each author’s story comes alive through the narrators and the dedicated work of our team.

Community. We do our best to provide an excellent experience for everyone involved, from the team that creates the audiobook to each listener. We are committed to building a community of authors that benefit from all this amazing teamwork.

Efficiency. We have an ongoing commitment to building and honing systems that make the audiobook production and marketing a timely, smooth process for everyone involved.

Communication. We value open, honest, and respectful communication.