Our Purpose

At Pro Audio Voices we have a deep passion for inspiring the world through the stories we bring to life! We are dedicated to providing a completely personalized experience, honoring each author and their story, and going beyond expectations. Our Team understands the complexities of producing, distributing and marketing audiobooks, and we have been working hard to develop the best ways to support our authors in that process. We are invested in each client’s journey, going the extra mile to be as helpful, available, and responsive as we can possibly be.

Here we envision a world in which, through the stories we share – we can see ourselves in each other.

What difference does a story make in the world? Every time a great story comes alive, doors open – in the heart, in the mind, in the spirit. With each story we bring to life and each door we open, positive change becomes possible. We are changing the world one story at a time.

C.I.T.E – Our Core Values

Community. We do our best to provide an excellent experience for the Pro Audio Voices community: clients, teams, and audiences. We are committed to building a community that benefits from all this amazing teamwork.

Impact. Our mission is to create and market audiobooks that transform people and the way they think – about themselves, the beings around them, and the world we live in. Each author’s story comes alive through the narrators and the dedicated work of our team. We care about each project because we know we’re making an impact.

Team. We are committed to building a collaborative team that is diverse, talented, and equitably compensated.

Efficiency. We have an ongoing commitment to building and honing systems that make the audiobook production and marketing a timely, smooth process for everyone involved and that will achieve the best possible results.

Our Roots

Pro Audio Voices started out with one woman doing everything; from narrating to submitting to distributors and marketing, not to mention all the behind-the-scenes work of running a business! Becky Parker had a long history in theatre and narrating audiobooks for Talking Books for the Blind. She started a theatre company in 1997 and raised three daughters in the midst of it all.

In 2013, Becky established PAV as a way to come back to what she loved, and also to better serve her clients. With a strong love for people and stories, and a knack for turning ideas into reality, Becky put all her passion and energy into starting what has turned into something much more than she could have imagined then. If you’ve ever tried to start a company, you will know it’s no small feat, and it takes a powerhouse like her to keep it going. Those first years, Pro Audio Voices was barely keeping its head above water, but we think it was love that kept it afloat – that was, until she met Steve Napolitan, a business coach and mentor, who helped to properly put it on its feet.

In 2017, Becky’s daughter, Jerrilee, who had also studied in theatre in the UK, returned to California and started narrating audiobooks for PAV. Moving quickly from narrating and editing to casting, she eagerly stepped into management in January 2019, and has been playing a major role in growing the company ever since. And then in January 2020, the amazing Emily Power completed our core trio. Emily came in from a history of management with wicked organizational and systems-building skills and has been completely indispensable, stepping this company up to a whole other level in the short time she has been with us.

We have now seen the company grow from a team of 1 to a team of over 23 and growing, plus an international talent pool that now contains well over 200 narrators! We have produced audiobooks in 12 languages and have been actively pushing the boundaries of what audiobooks can be. In these last 7 years, Pro Audio Voices has been gaining a reputation for being wonderful to work with on all levels; friendly, helpful, and real! We love our team and feel honored to be working in support of people who have transformative words from the heart to share with the world.