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Episode 64: The Importance of Pre-Production

If you’re thinking you’ll just send your manuscript to your narrator or audiobook producer and they’ll deliver the audiobook you imagine, then you are probably making a lot of assumptions that could bite you later. Host Becky Parker Geist will lead you through several of the key things to consider when in pre-production, BEFORE recording begins. Set yourself up for success with preparation and [...]

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Episode 62: Snags – Those Little Things You May Not Even Think About

Learn some specifics about the production process that shine a light on potential “snags” to bypass to make your road to your audiobook goal smoother and more rewarding. In this week’s podcast episode, Host Becky Parker Geist offers the listening audience some timely alerts to avoid problems that can happen in the process of producing your book in audiobook format, some tips to inform the [...]

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