Reach your customers through email marketing
Email Marketing Done for You

You create the message and we take it from there.

Now that your audiobook is available for sale…

Keep in touch with your customers!

Do you struggle with . . .

  • figuring out how to build momentum with your audience?

  • encouraging them to spread the word?

Do you wish you had . . .

  • help with the technical side of email marketing?
  • a team that could format your text so it looks great and send it out for you?

We’re here to help!


Who will I Reach?

REACH works best when leveraging your AMPlify page. Whenever someone makes a purchase through your custom page,  we’ll automatically gather their email. We’ll also include those on your pre-existing opted-in email list.

Not in AMPlify? If you are gathering the email addresses of your customers or website visitors, Reach can still work for you. All we need to start is your opted-in email list as a .csv or .xls file. 

What will you be sending to my audience?

Single Emails: You provide the content, and we will make it look great! Make sure the message you would like us to send is fully edited. The words and punctuation should be just exactly the way you want them. We’ll handle the formatting, buttons, and technical side. We’ll even use your branded colors and logo!

Pre-planned Email Series: Same as above. You provide the content and we’ll handle the design and logistics. Additionally we’ll need to know the delay time between each email. (3 days, 7 days, etc.)

When do they get my message?

We’ll send the messages on your schedule! There is a minimum 5 business day lead-time from when you provide the content to sending. More time to prepare is better, so plan ahead. All the content for a Pre-Planned Series must be received at once. You choose the date and time (and timezone, if that matters).

Pricing Plans

No commission fee or contract. You can cancel anytime.

Pay as you Go

  • Crafted for Beginners
  • $99 Set up fee (includes initial list upload)
  • $60 per single email campaign (includes 1 contact list upload)

Monthly Campaign

  • Crafted for Professionals
  • $139 Initial Set up fee (includes first campaign)
  • One (1) email per month (includes 1 contact list upload)
  • + $40/additional email (see terms below)

What does REACH include? 

REACH is priced per single email, per series of emails, and per upload of provided email lists.

Set up includes:

  • Creating a template for your emails using your branded color scheme and/or branded images, such as a banner image from your website
  • Preparing emails with your “Reply to” email address
  • Sending a test email for your review and approval of the template
  • One round of template revisions
  • One upload of opted-in contacts in .csv or .xls format
  • Creating all your contacts as a private email list


  • One monthly email campaign credit may be rolled over up to one month
    • to make email marketing work you need to use it!!
  • Set up fee for the monthly plan includes one email campaign
  • On the monthly plan any additional emails (for sequences or broadcasts) within the month are billed at a discount rate