No two projects are exactly the same, so these are just some guidelines:

  • For most projects, we offer a Project Fee that is based on several aspects of the project.
  • Rates are affected by many things including:
    • overall length (determined by word count and narrator pace)
    • languages and accents that may be necessary
    • inclusion of music and/or sound effects
    • pre-production needs, such as mapping out how to handle visual elements, exercises, and other elements that would benefit from planning their conversion to the audiobook format
  • We have a team that understands how to market audiobooks and guides the entire pre-production, production, and launch.
  • Working with a professional team means higher quality, which translates into better word of mouth and reviews from customers.

No other Audiobook Producers offer the level of audiobook marketing guidance and assistance that you’ll find at Pro Audio Voices Inc. There are plenty of people out there telling you what you should do in a general way, but no other companies that provide recommendations on how to strategize marketing within the production of your audiobook and that then actually help implementing audiobook marketing once we’ve launched your audiobook.

Again – no two projects are the same, so let’s schedule a time to talk. You can schedule online or send us an email, and we’ll schedule a 15-minute call to figure out if we’re a match for you and your project.