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No two projects are exactly the same, so these are just some guidelines:

  • Projects can be bid on by project or by finished minute.
  • Audiobook projects are most often some combination of up front cost and royalty share.
  • Rates are affected by many things including: whether sound effects or original music are involved, the complexity of the project, whether a royalty option is appropriate (it usually is, to keep front end costs down).
  • Working with a professional means faster turn-around and higher quality, which translates into savings on production and post-production costs, and better word of mouth and reviews from customers.
  • How strong your author platform is – much of a following you have – makes a difference in calculating how much you may have to pay in advance royalties.
  • Advance royalties work like this: you pay up front a portion of the anticipated royalties from audiobook sales. AFTER you’ve received from sales as much as you’ve paid out in advance royalties, THEN the royalty share split kicks in at the percentage contracted.

And – no two projects are the same, so let’s talk. Give me a call at or send me an email.