Finally Earn a Living From All That Hard Work!

We help published authors and audiobook creators build their ENTIRE author marketing platform – by leveraging their audiobooks.

Getting your audiobook into the hands of an eager and enthusiastic audience can be hard!

It’s hard when….

You have so many possible ways to market your book and audiobook that you don’t know where to start…

Most book marketing programs and vendors don’t even consider audio options or assets…

You never know what options are going to work for your specific project and goals…

With about a billion books being released every week, you don’t know how to get yours to stand out…

And getting discovered online is like being thrown into a dark and disorganized oubliette of metadata…

You’ve put all this time and money and effort into your audiobook without a clue as to how to get it all to pay off.

And here you are, the indie author or small publisher – all alone, trying to get your work out there to the audience you know must be there – somewhere – but without a clue as to what to do to get your audience to discover and hang out with you.

What do you have to do?! If you knew, you’d probably DO it, right? So you stand on all the social media corners, shaking your word-booty, trying to seduce readers. But most of them don’t seem to even notice you – even when they need the very thing you are offering! UGH!

No more of that! There’s a better way!

Imagine what it’s going to be like when:

  • You can finally focus on writing rather than marketing.

  • You have a team helping build your Author Platform with guidance every step of the way, one small step at a time.

  • You only have to spend 15-30 minutes each week focused on a specific, easy marketing task that are part of a marketing plan designed just for you.

  • Your audiobooks and books are selling so well that you can focus on doing what you love most.

There is a way to build your author platform without doing it all by yourself.

Author Jim Wetton testimonial for Audiobook Marketing Program

“Pro Audio Voices is my team and I could not be happier.”

– Jim Wetton, author of the Monroe Family series

“What the 3-month Audiobook Marketing Program gave us? Focus, Purpose, and Refinement of where we were to get us to a better place. Awesome!

– Charles Breakfield & Rox Burkey
Authors of The Enigma Series

I think the biggest value for me so far is definitely the [Marketing] Blueprint I received, because it gave me more of an idea of what to do step-by-step to really work on promoting my book and also my website. Call To Action was definitely huge for me – it’s been very effective – as well as the corrections suggested to me and all the ideas on algorithms are what I value the most. But also having that support and knowing if I have any questions or I need answers, or I need to try something, I know who to reach out to and who to contact, so I’m really grateful for all the help that you guys have given me. I value all of it – everything that you guys have provided to me, it’s been a huge help.

– Brianna Fitzgerald, author of The Road to Healing

Brianna Fitzgerald author of The Road to Healing

“The Pro Audio Voices team is absolutely amazing! I didn’t know what to expect in this process, had never done an audiobook, and from the beginning it was clear the team was very organized. There are a lot of moving parts with an audiobook, and I didn’t understand that when I began the process. But now I have so much respect for the process and how scrupulously it was done by the team.”

– Marylee MacDonald, author of Bonds of Love & Blood

Hey there!

We’re Pro Audio Voices

In the world of independent publishing, authors need to know how to effectively craft their messages and metadata or they’ll get lost in the crowd. That’s why we created AMP – the Audiobook Marketing Program™ that provides you with a clear vision for your next marketing steps and the tools to do them – giving you the freedom to get back to the things you love.

The Pro Audio Voices AMP team has decades of marketing experience and decades of audiobook industry, writing, and indie publishing experience, combined with skills and experience in mentoring and coaching for success. We’ve pulled together our knowledge and expertise to help authors who would rather be writing – or doing anything other than spending all their time figuring out how to build their author platforms!

We also recognize how valuable and empowering it is to learn what to do and experience success through small, simple, consistent steps. You just follow the directions – like easy assembly instructions for a shelving unit. We provide the foundation, the master plans, the tools, and step by step tutorials – as well as a team to turn to for guidance.

We’re with you all the way!

Meet Your New Marketing Team

Inspiring the World Through the Stories We Bring to Life

We believe that each time a story comes alive, doors open – in the heart, in the mind, in the spirit. With story we bring to life and each door we open, positive change becomes possible.

In collaboration with our authors we are Changing the World One Story at a Time… BUT…the only way to have stories come alive is if they reach their intended audience.


Audiobook Marketing Program™

A complete done-with-you marketing solution for authors

Here’s what to expect when you join the Audiobook Marketing Program™

  • We take the marketing hassles off your plate – so you can focus on doing what brings you joy

  • We’ll create a customized Marketing Blueprint for you – GPS directions to achieving your goals

  • We help you focus on what counts – so all you have to do is a few simple, clear action steps each week

  • We create a bank of videos and audiograms for you to use as marketing assets – and help you understand how to use them

  • You’ll have ACCESS monthly coaching calls – giving you the support you need to keep your platform rising above the crowd

  • You’ll be part of the Audiobook Authors community through YouTube – authors helping authors builds audiences for all 

  • We’ll help you maximize your results while reducing your stress

  • A full team of marketing experts to support you all along the way

  • An AMP Concierge to welcome you and serve as your host and guide

  • Ongoing monthly support option that begins with a 3-month launch

Don’t waste another moment with frustration and overwhelm

It’s time to turn your creation into income

We provide everything you need to get the marketing handled.

Here’s what we’ll be doing for You while You’re doing What you Love

Getting Organized  – Your Marketing Workshop & Member Portal

We all know that to tackle any task most efficiently and effectively, it’s important to know where our tools and materials are. Getting your Marketing Workshop organized is the first step in this process.

Having enough space to store everything is also important. That’s why we provide an online folder with unlimited storage to house all your marketing assets. This includes the Marketing Blueprint we’ll be developing for you, your Customized Keyword and Hashtag Lists, the Media Library (your BAM – Bank of Assets for Marketing) that includes your videos, audio clips, images, and metadata (book description, author bio, etc.).

Your Marketing Workshop is your go-to location where together we’ll gather everything you’ll need as we raise your author platform above the crowd. This includes not only the assets we’re creating for you, but also other assets you may have already collected, such as images you’ve used on your website or in social media posts, images from the print edition of your book, etc.

You’ll also receive access to the Member Portal, loaded with over 50 modules that provide step by step instructions and tutorials to help you successfully achieve and track your marketing tasks.

Planning for Your Success –

Your Marketing Blueprint

Preparation and having a plan is key to success. As we start to lay the foundation to build your Author Platform, first we develop your Marketing Blueprint. This is akin to the architect’s blueprint for construction.

We begin with an strategy session to understand your biggest goals, so that your customized blueprint will be designed to get you where you want to go. Marketing programs that don’t factor in your goals are like revving the engine on a boat with no rudder or way to steer. You may move faster, but are you going in the direction you desire or perhaps just going in circles?

The Marketing Blueprint includes an audit of where you are currently with your author platform. It identifies the areas where you are likely to reap the highest rewards and best move you toward your biggest goals.

The team works with you to provide this customized foundation of your marketing strategy. Assessing where you are and providing checklists to get you where you’re going, sets you up for success with your action steps each week. The Member Portal helps support and track your progress. You’ll have a second strategy session when we deliver your Blueprint. This means at least two and a half hours of private consultation with our marketing experts to get you off to the best possible start!

Customized Keyword & Hashtag Lists – Your Tools

Along with the Marketing Blueprint, we’ll develop for you customized lists of best keywords and hashtags based on your content and goals. Your keyword and hashtag lists also come with guidance on where to use them and how to use them effectively.

These customized lists are like your tools and hardware that you’ll use every time you’re doing marketing work. You’ll be using them consistently throughout the author platform building process, holding all the pieces together in a solid structure as you raise your author platform above the crowd.

Media Library – Your Bank of Assets for Marketing


Next we’ll prepare your Media Library – Bank of Assets for Marketing – BAM! These are videos exclusively for your audiobook – like lumber to build your platform. We leverage your audiobook production by using clips from the audiobook to use for your set of videos. Having prepared assets to post makes marketing SO much easier!

The videos can be used in LOTS of places, and we’ll guide you on where and how to post them. But you’ll also have use of the audio clips and images we’ve used to create the videos. These assets can be used in places such as on your website and on Amazon’s AuthorCentral. We’ll give you specific steps re where to post them via the Member Portal marketing modules.

Audiobook Authors YouTube Channel – Power Tools!

Like turning a screwdriver into an impact driver— powering up your tools—our marketing team optimizes your Media Library. Current best practices for YouTube marketing are employed, including playlist strategies, keywords and hashtags identified in your Marketing Blueprint, as well as Calls to Action that fit your goals.

YouTube can be a powerful tool for building your author platform when used effectively. Our team sets you up for success. We post the videos on the Audiobook Authors YouTube channel. Our social media team is promoting this channel consistently, featuring the videos through social media and expanding the audience and visibility of each AMP author.

Each AMP author also participates in promoting their own videos and each other’s. Collectively as a community, we are all helping ourselves and each other succeed. The success of each member builds on the success of all and expands each person’s team. Let’s raise your author platform above the crowd!

ACCESS Monthly Group Coaching Calls

Each month we hold a live group coaching call to provide guidance, answers, and encouragement to our author community. On these calls you get to ask the marketing experts your questions in a small group setting about things such as best practices and implementation of your Blueprint. We learn not only from the answers to our own questions, but sometimes even more from the questions of our fellow authors.

These ACCESS calls are also an opportunity to celebrate our successes, share our victories, and get the encouragement and support of the community to keep moving forward as we build our author platforms.

When you opt in to AMP Plus you get even more!

AMP Plus Members Will Receive These Additional Benefits


You’ll be invited into a private chat group in Voxer, a powerful communication app that gives you ready access to our team of experts. It’s like marketing coaching on demand. You’ll have the peace of mind and support you need when questions arise, and the additional camaraderie and learning opportunities from your fellow authors as they share their challenges and victories.

Net Galley

AMP Plus includes a 3-month campaign for your audiobook. Net Galley helps readers of influence discover and recommend new books to their audiences. It is an excellent way to get reviews, which we all know are extremely helpful to sales.

Amazon ads Pro Audio Voices audiobook marketing

Amazon Ad Campaign Setup or Review

Even though there is not way to run Amazon ads specifically for audiobooks, an effectively set up and run Amazon ad campaign is a smart choice. AMP Plus clients will have our team Amazon Ads expert help you get your campaign set up and launched. Once it is up and running, our expert can help you optimize it based on your results.

mailboxes - Pro Audio Voices audiobook marketing

REACH Email Marketing Campaign

You’ve probably heard that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. Whether you’ve already figured out how to do email newsletters or not, we’ll work with you to send out a beautifully-formatted email with your content to your list. We’ll do the technical stuff so all you need to do is what you already do really well: write the message.

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Bonus #1

Marketing Memos

Each week we’ll email you a Marketing Memo that will bring you to the AMP Membership Portal. There you’ll have access to the step-by-step action Marketing Modules that move your marketing forward and keep raising your platform. The modules are set up in phases, helping you proceed in a structured path towards your goals.

Each Module is designed to take about 15-30 minutes. Even if you were to do no other marketing than those short weekly tasks, those small steps will help you reach your goals.

(Total Value = $7,200)

Bonus #2

Social Media Support!

Once you’re in AMP, we start following you on social media and liking/commenting/sharing your posts and keep that up every week. When your AMP video playlist goes live, we also launch a social media campaign to promote your videos. We’re actively building the Audiobook Authors channel on an ongoing basis, which helps all our AMP authors rise in visibility. Your Marketing Modules and Memos will guide you in building on those efforts for even more success!

(Total Value = $6,000)

Bonus #3

AMP Author Community!

Expand your reach even further by being part of the AMP Author Community. Connect via social media and proactively share posts for each other, thus building audiences for all. The beauty of this program is that it not only helps sales of your audiobook, but all other formats of the book and AMPs up your entire online presence and exponentially expands your reach!

(Total Value = Priceless!)



Audiobook Marketing Program

We are committed to Helping Great Stories Come Alive, and have figured out ways to streamline the marketing process.

  • Marketing Workshop
  • Marketing Blueprint
  • Customized Keywords & Hashtag Lists
  • Media Library (BAM)

  • Audiobook Authors YouTube channel

  • Monthly Live ACCESS Calls

  • Membership Portal & Marketing Memos

  • AMPlify Sales Page
  • AMP Concierge

(price includes 3-month program;

monthly payment option avail)*

$6,834 Value



  • Marketing Workshop

  • Marketing Blueprint  

  • Customized Keyword & Hashtag Lists

  • Media Library (BAM)
  • Audiobook Authors YouTube channel

  • Monthly ACCESS Calls

  • Membership Portal & Marketing Memos

  • AMPlify Sales Page
  • AMP Concierge
  • Voxer – Access to Experts

  • Net Galley Campaign (3 mos)

  • Amazon Ad Setup or Review,

  • REACH Email Marketing Campaign

(price includes 3-month program;

monthly payment option avail)*

$8,457 Value


  • Marketing Workshop

  • Marketing Blueprint  

  • Customized Keyword & Hashtag Lists

  • Media Library (BAM)
  • Audiobook Authors YouTube channel

  • Monthly ACCESS Calls

  • Membership Portal & Marketing Memos
  • AMPlify Sales Page
  • AMP Concierge
  • Audiobook Connection Podcast Guest Interview

  • AMPlify Sales Page

  • Voxer – Access to Experts
  • 3-month PR campaign with Farrow Communications
  • Guest Interview on Audiobook Connection podcast

(price includes 3-month program;

monthly payment option avail)*

$19,157 Value


*AMP is an ongoing marketing program that starts with a minimum of 3 months then with the option to continue month to month after that at a reduced cost.

Optional Add-ons (if not already included):

  • 3-month PR campaign with Farrow Communications
  • Amazon Ad campaign