Would you like to earn 65% royalties on your audiobook,
compared to the 25%-35% offered traditionally?

Would you like to get paid immediately after each sale,
instead of waiting for next month or next quarter?

More control. More royalties.

AMPlify is NOW AVAILABLE to clients with an existing audiobook produced anywhere!
(no longer exclusive to PAV authors)

What does AMPlify include?

Check out the QUANTUM sales page to

see what your page may look like

  • You will get a custom sales page, making your audiobook available for direct sale within days. 
  • You will earn 65% royalties on purchases made through your custom sales page.
  • You will receive royalty payments within days of each sale!

  • YOU stay in control! Set your retail price and change it at any time; run promotional pricing on a schedule; or request discount codes for special groups or events.

  • You will receive step-by-step Marketing Memos. These will guide you on how to AMP up your sales by driving traffic to your custom AMPlify sales page.

How does AMPlify work?

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