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The Way Teddy


  • By Kelly Anne Manuel
  • Narrated by Phil Schoen
  • Audiobook • 00 hrs 02 min
  • Fiction
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(1 customer review)

“THE WAY TEDDY” was born as a poem and remains so in this newly minted Book Twelve of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Essentials Series. In this story the Child is invited on a pet walking journey. This journey is full of surprises as the outing unfolds with the pet choosing the path. The narrator realizes that this is a fun and welcome way to spend time outside with the pet. “THE WAY TEDDY” offers a standing invitation to the Child. The Child will learn that spontaneous decisions can lead to fun adventures. The pet has its own ideas which allow for both freedom and adventure. Choices are a main theme that the author embraces in this light hearted story. There is playful approach to making decisions and choices in daily life that is also infused with positivity that will benefit the Child. The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly with their presentation. The illustrations offer an imaginary setting of pets personified. The story is illuminated by this fun and loving supporting cast of characters. There is discovery in the air as many breeds of dogs and cats interact harmoniously. “THE WAY TEDDY” models the healthy expression of needs for both the pet and the narrator. This is a example of allowing events to unfold naturally and see what positive results are realized. The Child is invited to join the narrator at any time to visit this imaginary community. Wonderful discussions and conversations will be started with this book as a topic. It is in Early Childhood that futures are under major construction. “The Way Teddy” is a tool in a Caregiver’s toolbox to assist with that healthy formation. The author is taking the opportunity to utilize the relationship between pets and their owners as a model for interaction that is mutually beneficial. The Child who reads this book will be rewarded with a journey with pets where easy decisions lead to fun and spontaneous adventure.


Author: Kelly Anne Manuel

Length: 00 hrs 02 min

Release Date:

ISBN: 978-1-961112-61-2

Explicit Content:

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Time To Fly LLC

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About the Author

Kelly Anne Manuel is an inspiring new book author with a catalog of 31 modern day nursery rhymes to her credit. The hallmarks that are consistent throughout her works are lyrical cadence, positive mantras, and healthy models of communication for all.

1 review for The Way Teddy

  1. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings

    Terrel (verified owner)

    Short, well narrated sweet story. The music and narration of the audio book is terrific. It’s a short little rhyming story from the perspective of a dog. No surprises or drama, just out for a walk and exploring concepts such as directions, speed, etc. A nice message that sometimes it’s okay to wander without a plan.

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