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Frankie’s Wish: A Wander in the Wonder


  • By Once Upon a Dance
  • Narrated by Amy Barron Smolinski
  • Audiobook • 00 hrs 43 min
  • Fiction

A heartwarming story of gratitude, and a reminder to enjoy the journey.

Travel to a mysterious island alongside Frankie to wish on a magic feather. The path to the hidden feather will only be revealed through patience, wit, and joy. But time is running out, and wishes are only granted on one special day.

Dance along with the creatures in this sound-enhanced audio story with a powerful message about what’s important in life.

Frankie’s Wish is ideal for children 5-8. It features Frankie (no pronouns), Auntie Duke (she), a dinosaur, a gorilla, and an eagle. Major themes include gratitude, asking for help, friendship, self-affirmation, and believing in yourself.

Track 2 includes Ballerina Konora’s suggestions for movement exploration. Kids are invited to re-create the characters’ actions and explore movement fundamentals by twirling, squatting, waddling, balancing, jumping, stretching, reaching, sway, and more. Self-affirmation and gratitude are also encouraged.

Frankie’s Wish is the latest Dance-It-Out! imagination journey by Once Upon a Dance, winner of over 40 book awards including Mom’s Choice Gold, Kirkus Reviews Starred Review, and Outstanding Creator Awards Top 10 Author of 2022.



Author: Once Upon a Dance

Length: 00 hrs 43 min

Release Date:

ISBN: 978-1-955555-95-1

Explicit Content:

Sold by

Once Upon a Dance

Once Upon a Dance offers movement, breath, joy, connection and imagination through stories. Their catalog (25 books across four series) offers a positive role model and features diverse characters. Story themes—beyond movement and dance—include empathy, friendship, helping each other, the value of practice, making new friends, self-acceptance, sibling relationships, anger management, and working toward a goal.

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About the Author

Once Upon a Dance inspires children to move, breathe & connect. By weaving dance into whimsical stories, this mother-daughter duo sparks imagination and unleashes self-expression. Visit to learn more.

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