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The Devil Pulls The Strings



The Devil Pulls The Strings

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Author: J. W. Zarek

Length: 9 hrs 58 min

Release Date: 2021

ISBN: 978-1-736401-32-3

Explicit Content: No

About the Author

Joseph helps catch naughty folks for the Government. He’s successfully run in the Walt Disney World Marathon as a woman. He’s climbed to the top of Mount Fuji and been kicked off Mount Rainier. Sailed through the Suez Canal. Taught English Conversation in Japan. He can analyze anyone’s handwriting. And he’s on a mission to save the world through cheesecake, one-slice-at-a- time. When he worked at the FBI, his thesis Red Flag Behaviors Found in Relationships, earned him an invitation to present a paper at the First Annual Forensics Congress in China. Which led him to write his award-winning non-fiction book Naughty or Nice – Whose List Are You On? is available as a hand out item during lectures. And his other non-fiction book, a best seller, The Happiness Code, he co-authored with Ray Brehm and other authors who all share and show you their happiness hacks they use you can use too.

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