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The Crow’s Nest


  • By Charles Parker
  • Narrated by Becky Parker
  • Audiobook • 03 hrs 55 min
  • Fiction
Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(1 customer review)

The Crow’s Nest is a tale of high adventure, as seen through the eyes of Will Anchor and his sister, Sara, ages 11 and 13, as they set out by canoe on a dangerous mission to find help for their ailing mother.

The year is 2049 and their home is in the drowned and abandoned city of New Orleans. Water levels, worldwide, have risen to unprecedented levels. Civilization, as we know it, has been brought to its knees, yet life struggles on, with promise for the future.

This story depicts an environmental disaster that some scientists predict may actually come to pass. This story is a timely, upbeat, and wholesome adventure. It is a down-to-earth odyssey that takes many twists and turns and is very exciting.

This audiobook has appeal for all ages.


Author: Charles Parker

Length: 03 hrs 55 min

Release Date:

ISBN: 978-1-950144-95-2

Explicit Content:

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Split Universe Series

Becky Parker Geist, author of the Split Universe Series, explores the concepts of metaphysical sciences in the context of parallel universe fictional worlds. Becky is also the CEO of Pro Audio Voices Inc, inspiring the world and empowering authors.

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About the Author

Charles Parker (1923-2012) had a career as a professional engineer. He was a WWII veteran, avid camper, and briefly later in life a sheep farmer. THE CROW’S NEST draws upon his life experience as a canoeist, and outdoorsman. Mr. Parker resided with his wife, Joyce (1927-2009), in New Jersey. Mr. Parker’s first book of adventure was FIRESIDE STORIES. Charles Parker received an honorable mention in the young adult category of the 2010 Green Book festival in Los Angeles, CA. This is an annual competition honoring books that contribute “to greater understanding of the changing world environment.”

“A great energetic tale of adventure!
I truly enjoyed how the narrator gave energy and life to each character with unique voices each with their own cadence.” – Trevor H.

“The hallmark of any good book is the book’s ability to vividly transport the reader into the world of the characters – ie as if the reader was actually there. The Crow’s Nest is such a book and is a lot of fun for the reader. Each step of the journey, is a feast for reader, rich in description and imagination.I highly recommend The Crow’s Nest. Charles Parker has written an engaging story and Becky Parker (his daughter) provides voice narration that’s flawless. The characters come alive and each voice is distinct. I’m looking forward to listening to another audiobook narrated by Becky Parker.” – Mike L.

About the Narrator(s)

Becky Parker has narrated hundreds of titles. With 40+ years of experience in the audiobook industry, Becky Parker (Geist) is the founder and owner of Pro Audio Voices Inc. She fell in love with narrating audiobooks when she began narrating for Library of Congress. As a voiceover and theatre professional, Becky brings her theatre skills – acting, directing, producing, and marketing – to bear in all her voiceover and production work.


Recipient of an Honorable Mention in the 2010 Green Book Festival.

1 review for The Crow’s Nest

  1. Rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings

    jeffrey Samorano (verified owner)

    Charles Parker’s ‘The Crow’s Nest’ is an enthralling tale set in the dystopian future of 2049, where readers are plunged into the submerged streets of New Orleans. This gripping narrative follows the journey of two courageous siblings, Will and Sara Anchor, as they navigate their canoe through treacherous waters on a mission to save their ailing mother.

    Parker masterfully combines elements of adventure with a poignant commentary on climate change, creating a world that is both hauntingly realistic and vividly imaginative.

    The book excels in its ability to weave suspense and emotional depth, making it a compelling read for those who enjoy futuristic adventures with a heart. ‘The Crow’s Nest’ is not just a story of survival; it’s a journey of resilience and hope that leaves a lasting impression.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking a novel that is both thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining.

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