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Don’t You Dare: Uncovering Lost Love


  • By Gayla Turner
  • Narrated by Jennifer Pickens
  • Audiobook • 07 hrs, 12 min


Keywords LGBTQ+, women

Author: Gayla Turner

Length: 07 hrs, 12 min

Release Date: 05/16/23

ISBN: 979-8-218165-85-7

Explicit Content:

About the Author

By day, Gayla is a bank examiner, utilizing her intuition and curiosity to uncover facts and analyze complex figures. After hours, she enjoys cooking, hiking, looking at old photos, and researching LGBTQ+ history. She uses her communications talent as a public speaker and author. Born and raised in Southern California, she and her partner live in San Marino, California, and share their home with their adorable dog, Bailey.

As a debut author, Gayla has honed her writing skills with private instructors, editors, and critique groups of established writers in the Los Angeles area. She is also a member of the Wisconsin Historical Society, Romance Writers of America, and the Historical Novel Society.


Hidden wedding photos, an awe-inspiring secret, and a seven-year journey to find out more about her grandmother and the woman standing next to her dressed as the groom. 

Don’t You Dare weaves together a current-day journey of discovery and an incredible true-life love story that took place over a century ago. The story starts when Gayla Turner discovers hidden wedding photos, dated June 8, 1915, and learned her grandmother had a secret.

While researching her grandmother’s past, a love story emerged between her and the mystery woman in the photos. Gayla uncovers a secret lesbian social club that was formed in the early 1900s by a local businesswoman in the little Wisconsin farm town. Women from as far away as Chicago traveled to attend her exclusive parties. The local townspeople assumed the parties were for single young ladies to talk about how to find a husband. Little did they know, finding a man was not a subject of their conversations.

Her grandmother left just enough information that only someone who understood her secret life would be able to uncover the hidden story she left behind. That person turned out to be her granddaughter, Gayla. Written to educate, entertain, and inspire members of the LGBTQ+ community, it sheds light not only on our history but the future before us.


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