The market share of audiobook sales and distribution is held by ACX (division of Amazon – surprise! not). ACX is the production side of Audible and iTunes. However, in 2015 another company stepped up to provide not only another option for distribution, but a wider distribution network internationally and a higher royalty payout rate (except those sold through Audible and iTunes)., an audio book retailer since 2003, opened in 2015 to accept audio books for distribution. This was extremely exciting news and Pro Audio Voices has been partnering with AuthorsRepublic since late 2015. They are thrilled with the quality of audiobooks we deliver and we’re thrilled with the better royalty rates! There is one other retailer of audiobooks for specifically educational materials: Scholastic’s Learn Out Loud. To distribute through all the largest channels and with the widest distribution possible, the best option is to go through That will get you into Audible and iTunes as well as a very wide distribution network. You’ll need to open a free account on AuthorsRepublic, claim your published book, and then we will be able to upload the finished audio files that we provide for them to approve prior to distribution. It typically takes them a few days for the approval process of AuthorsRepublic, and a few weeks to complete the approval process for distribution through Audible and iTunes. We usually upload the files for you, but if you prefer you can do it yourself. You also have the option of distributing it yourself, selling direct from your own website.